Welcome to Dystopia

Welcome to Dystopia

28-12-2013 | 11.26

Dystopian will die raue, melancholische, düstere Seite von elektronischer Tanzmusik beleuchten, will Personen, Dinge und Musik miteinander verknüpfen und als loses Netzwerk fungieren, als Label, Veranstalter und Motor.

During the LET Weekender, which is setting off this Saturday in Trouw, the Amsterdam based electronic music party organization and booking agency Les Enfants Terribles teams up with Dystopian, the Berlin based label, booking agency and movement. Representing Recondite, Don Williams/Oracy, Alex.Do, Ron Albrecht (all playing at the Weekender) and also Felix K and Rødhåd they stand for deep, melancholy electronic music. As they state: what kind of music matches the rhythm of Western civilization better than techno music? Music created by electronic machines, computers and turntables… I had a chat with one of the two anonymous founders, earlier this week.

The artists and other members of Dystopian really are part of a family. Talking with one of your 'family members’ always brings the conversation to this subject. Explain, if you want, how this reflects in your every day business and friendship.    
"Everyone met everyone on several important points in their life. Without going too much into detail on when and where that happened, I can state that the longest friendships are running now since more than ten years. It’s nice that you have friends around you you can trust, you can talk about music or, like these days, visit after the Christmas stress and hang around for a bit. Or have your daily breakfast with them."

Why did you, at one point, decide to team up as Dystopian? To make it a professional collective of artists and a label?
"The idea to create an platform, a collective & network for people with the same taste of music, of art, of graphic styles and kind of a melancholic vibe was born in 2009. The other founder and I knew Rødhåd for a long time and he was the first resident of the new born Dystopian Events in Berlin, and later on worldwide. After Rødhåd, Alex.Do joined as a resident. Recondite, with his permanent music output, was a perfect addition to focus on his more techno and melancholic electronic stuff. We also know him since a long time and he s good friend with Rødhåd and Alex.Do. With Felix K, Don Williams/Oracy and Ron Albrecht brothers in mind joined as well. Everyone is in relationship with the other Dystopian members for at least some years.  So it all grew organically. But of course we try to find always interesting artists which sharing our visions – our graphic guys Sebastian Manger or Tobias Donat for example.

Dystopian and Les Enfants Terribles are both collectives that started from friendship. Still being friends, but also working together professionally. How do you guys keep business things casual at the same time?
"It’s not always so easy to keep private stuff and business things separated. BUT and that’s maybe the biggest plus you have when you know everybody for a long time: there is always straightforwardness! It’s like in a relationship: you have to know the feeling and the work of each other! As long you can be honest to them and vis-a vis. That’s the perfect environment for a long term relationship. And, of course, it’s nice to see that Les Enfants Terribles, who played in little clubs years ago in front of 40 people, are rocking Trouw with a Weekender now.”

Dystopian… A technological society, a mechanist present, an industrial era... long and dark nights, warehouses, cogeneration plants, noise.

Text: Dennis de Vogt