Stardust on the fingertips

Children of the Light

Stardust on the fingertips

15-12-2013 | 11.43

People sometimes say the music is the most important aspect of clubbing, but what happens in the background is always of equal significance. When it comes down to lighting and visuals, we often rely on the skills of Arnout Hulskamp and Christopher Gabriel, otherwise known as the Children of the Light.

In Trouw Arnout and Christopher are responsible for the out-of-the-box visual creations at the Audio Culture nights and special occasions like Tweeduizendtrouw and Trouwens. But possibly their most recognizable project is the collaboration with DARKSIDE for which they created a spectacular show involving a grand icon mirror and stunning visuals as could be seen in 2012 at Le Trianon in Paris, during ADE at Trouw at Concertgebouw and they've just returned for a show at Art Basel Miami.

A mysterious name like Children of the Light was kind of begging for a nice biopic. They had one made. completely in their own style as usual:

So they loaded their van and drove the long and straight road to La ville Lumière flanked by a copper red sun sinking on their left and a silver full moon on their right side, rising. That night at the art deco theatre of crystal chandeliers, velvet plunging fabrics and bulky balconies, they beamed out their signals of pure white light over the growling hypnotic waves of guitar and electronics.

As the heat mounted, the mirror-moon - turning ever-slowly tempting like balancing Ipanema hips - picked up an unswerving stream of light. Reflections of stars sparkled, and for a split-second another dimension cracked through.

Ecstatic waves rippled over the dancing bodies.

Then silence.

With stardust still dripping from the tips of their fingers, The Children of the Light now knew they were on to something.

Poetry by LvG