Dolly in Berlin

Interview with Steffi

Dolly in Berlin

13-12-2013 | 14.13

I listen to Steffi’s track ’Yours’ (released in 2011, with vocals by Virginia) a few times a week. A lovely, warm house record that holds lots of good memories to me. With a little shame I have to state here that just recently I saw and heard Steffi play for the first time, during Trouw & LET op Zondag this Easter. Her raw and thumping house brought a warm and intimate atmosphere to the night. From that moment on I was sold. A little while ago I discovered her Labyrinth ssg special mix. That set hits repeat frequently at home. But this hymn to Steffi probably isn’t necessary for you all to attend Steffi’s Trouw op Zondag night at Trouw, is it?

You invited The Oliverwho Factory live for your night in Trouw. Why did you choose them?
Years ago I discovered a few records from The Oliverwho Factory at Clone. It is really fascinating music. A crazy mix between house and techno, with such peculiar vocals. Difficult to put a tag on it, but it grabbed me from day one. Last year I asked them if they were interested to do something for my label Dolly. To my surprise they were very enthusiastic. They sent me two versions of 'Before'. I could not have wished for a bigger bomb. Last May I played at DEMF/Movement in Detroit for the first time and we had the chance to meet up. One of the questions they had was if I saw a possibility in getting them over to Amsterdam in the future. When Trouw gave me the opportunity to create a cool line up, it was logical for me to ask them. Very few people have had the opportunity to see them live. In all honesty I think they are one of the most undervalued acts from Detroit. I am super happy to do a few very nice gigs with them in Europe this December.

You also booked DVS1. 
An introduction of DVS1 isn’t quite necessary for a lot of people. His career is flourishing at the moment. Like DVS1 I also have an obsession for music and a huge love for vinyl. Zak is a very talented artist, with a no nonsense state of mind. He is one of the rare techno dj’s with a very distinguished vision on his profession. He also has a good and open minded taste for music. He has chosen and therefore follows a well picked path. We tried to find a date to play together for quite some time now. This occasion fitted perfectly.

You recently did a tour in the US and South America, with Virginia. How did you experience club culture in that part of the world?
In the past I have been to different parts of the US and played at different venues. It is always very exciting for me to go there. I get my inspiration from US disco, electro house and techno. The scene in the US had a pretty rough time at one point. That was when R&B took over. Thank God that changed over the years. At this moment there are more and more good parties and venues, focusing on quality music. In the beginning I noticed that people where somewhat out of habit. They didn’t respond to specific styles or music like they do in Europe. But during this tour I noticed a big difference with two years ago. People are more into it. Next to that there have been more and more interesting labels and producers from the US in the last years.

What can we expect from Steffi in the coming months?
The next two weeks I am doing a little tour with The Oliverwho Factory. Also the NYE hysteria in Berghain is coming up. Next to my gig at Panorama Bar I do my yearly disco set at Laboratory this NYE. In January and July I took time off for studio work: my second album will be released November 2014. Next to that my focus for the upcoming year is on my label Dolly. I have planned different label showcases in 2014. 

So, the last year of Trouw. Describe, if you want to, what that specific Trouw feeling means to you.
Well, I really don’t want to think about this fact too long. I get somewhat awkward feelings when I realize Trouw will come to an end in a year. But my ultimate Trouw feeling would be the lovely bottle of prosecco they serve. And come to think of it: I would like to take the opportunity right now to say hi to my family and a big thank you to the whole crew at Trouw for their warmth, love and support from day one I left Amsterdam for Berlin. See you all this Sunday, I am really looking forward to it!

Text: Dennis de Vogt