The last edition of Stedelijk at Trouw

Part 3: DATA

The last edition of Stedelijk at Trouw

19-11-2013 | 11.11

On November 28th we present the last edition of Stedelijk at Trouw: Contemporary Art Club - part 3: DATA together with the Stedelijk Museum. It’s the grand finale of the collaboration of 2013: three exhibitions of video works of which the soundtrack and the sound design – inspired by pop and film – define the piece of art.
The last edition has DATA as its central theme. This recent theme refers to ‘database’, the documentation and categorization of information. Different cultures are familiar with a range of different systems for data storage and data transfer. But with the arrival of the computer and especially the internet, our understanding of the concept of a ‘database’ has grown tremendously. What is the meaning of data in these times, the time of endless flows of information? What is the consequence of the growing visual character of these data flows? The participating artists research this intriguing phenomenon in their unique way. They revert to well-known disciplines and traditions, which they subsequently approach looking at the possibilities and problems of our hyper technological society.
Exhibited are the recent works of internationally acclaimed artists such as Elizabeth Price, Camille Henrot and Hannah Perry.

Artworks in Contemporary Art Club: DATA
Elizabeth Price won the Turner Prize in 2012 with The Woolworth’s Choir (collection Stedelijk Museum). She constructs different narratives – about a infamous fire, dance performances and the architecture of a church choir – with the use of internet footage and a wide range of material from photo and public archives. The work therefore becomes a dissonant ‘concert’ – with video montage as the most important medium.
Grosse Fatigue (2013) by Camille Hernot was exhibited on the main exhibition of the 55th Biënnale in Venetia. With spoken word poetry as its foundation and inspired by minimal hiphop, Henrot combines the scientific paradigm about the origin of the earth with the creationist’ stories from different religions and oral traditions. This unfolds into a intuitive, seeming ‘universal’ story on a desktop computer.

Hannah Perry is currently participating in the pop-up initiative The Moving Museum in London as one of the big talents on the new generation of British artists. She works in While it lasts (2012) with frame and sound montage that’s inspired by dance music loops and hip hop sampling. Perry brings together internetfootage, archive material and her own images to blur the line between information from the public and private ethos. In doing so, she also comes across the theme ‘coming of age’ and the reflection of popular images in the conduct of adolescents.

Opening on the 28th of November

After a PechaKucha programme on the occasion of the opening of the Amsterdam Art Weekend, we’ll commence with a special programme with artist interviews and experimental music situated in the theme of DATA. Media artist Geert Mul is one of the godfather of VJ’s. During the opening he’ll bring a unique performance together with sound artist Michel Banabila that is based on his self-developed database methodology. In Big Poetry they seek a exciting interaction between databases and archives. Grischa Lichtenberger of the Raster-Noton label will be performing an audiovisual performance. Thoughts are the starting point of his work, where by moving imagery and music form the most important elements. The performances of these great artists connect to the aesthetic and underlying themes of the exhibited pieces. The night will end with a DJ-set by Elias Mazian. The opening event will have an entry prize of  €10,- (student price: €5).

The exhibition can be visited from November 29th until December 7th for free between 17.30 and 02.00.

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