A hymn to Simeon ten Holt

Inneract - Canto Ostinato Audio Visual

A hymn to Simeon ten Holt

06-11-2013 | 10.48

We proudly present a special edition of Canto Ostinato Audio Visual on Wednesday December 11th. 

Gwyneth Wentink (harp), Wouter Snoei (electronica) and Arnout Hulskamp (visuals) created a ground-breaking rendition of Simeon Ten Holts Canto Ostinato with which they toured the Netherlands in the past year. They'll end this tour in Trouw on a special note. In this audio visual performance, the three artists react to one another with their instrument and specially designed software and decide who, according to the codes of Canto, takes the lead. Canto Ostinato Audio Visual finds itself on the fascinating intersection between music, the visual arts and technology and is a unique experience. Interaction and improvisation are key themes in this piece, no rendition is ever the same. The special adaptation of Canto is a hymn to The Netherlands' most famous composer in the genre of minimal music, Simeon Ten Holt.

For now, it will be the last time this performance can be seen in Amsterdam.

Gwyneth Wentink (1981) – Harp player
Wouter Snoei (1977) – Electronics
Arnout Hulskamp (1978) – Visuals

Photo credits: Ernst van Deursen