Win a 5-day stay in the heart of Trouw during ADE

The Trouw Suite: Lloyd Hotel at Trouw

Win a 5-day stay in the heart of Trouw during ADE

02-10-2013 | 12.31

Every year we set up a special contest for Amsterdam Dance Event and this year is no exception. During this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event you can win a 5-day stay in the Trouw Suite right here in Trouw! The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy have designed a complete hotel room right in the heart of our building. Do you want to win an all-inclusive stay during Amsterdam Dance Event? Then you should continue reading!

The doors of Lloyd at Trouw will open on Wednesday October 16th. From your super-size bed you’ll have a view of the club and the visitors. The Trouw Suite is sealed off by glass and when you want to take a nap, you can simply close your door and lower the curtains. But it goes without saying that you’re not only there to sleep!
Besides enjoying 5 days of international artists, we’ll also take care of all your food and drink cravings. During your stay, you’ll dine in Trouw, at Café Bern and Struik. You’ll also have your own bathroom in Trouw, which will be built especially for the Trouw Suite. When you wake up, you can go out for breakfast at Beter & Leuk, Hartog, Van Velzen or Bar Bukowski. The Trouw Suite also contains a mini library with books, DVDs and shows so you can chill out and relax in the afternoon. When you fancy a snack, we’ll be there to cater to your every need. If you decide you want to spend some time in the ‘real world’, we’ll make sure that you can go to the Stedelijk or EYE for free. For lunch you can head off to the Lloyd Hotel, Da Portare Via or our chef will give you a personal lunch workshop. We’ve also arranged a little trip for you on October 18th to the Concertgebouw. We'll take care of the housekeeping and clean linens, because your room has to be tidy for when eventual guests want to hang out with you and maybe put on a record or two.

This and much more is awaiting you in the Trouw Suite. Do you want to win this spectacular 5-day stay and do you have some extra crazy ideas to make your stay in Trouw a memory to cherish forever? Send us your plans to before Wednesday October 9th 15:00. We expect you to address the following:

- We want to know who’ll be visiting us in these 5 days. Therefore, introduce yourself and your friends (a maximum for three persons including yourself) in a way that makes it feel like we’ve known you for years.
- We want to know what your ideal 5-day stay in Trouw would look like and how you would see yourself in that experience.
- Film, video, books, pictures, posters, prints… you can shape your proposal into every medium you can think of. The only thing is: we don’t really like Powerpoints.

Get creative, dig deep, think outside of the box and maybe we'll have the pleasure of welcoming you and your friends in the Trouw Suite during Amsterdam Dance Event!