Opening second edition Stedelijk at Trouw on October 31st


03-10-2013 | 14.55

With the success of the first edition still in our minds, we proudly present the second edition of Stedelijk at Trouw: Contemporary Art Club. The opening of the second edition will take place on October 31st. The exhibition can subsequently be viewed until November 9th.
The second edition of Contemporary Art Club has the central theme UTOPIA. The industrial setting of the Trouw building makes the ambivalence of absolute concepts such as utopia and dystopia extremely tangible. Is our view of the future in the 21st century still steeped in utopian sentiments or dystopian imagery, or have we abandoned these modernistic notions long ago? During this edition we can view the video installations of Cyprien Gaillard, Sarah Morris, Dan Walwin and Hannah Weinberger. Together they explore (im)possibilities of utopia and dystopia in their specific relation to cities and urban development.
During the opening night on Thursday October 31st, the participating artists Dan Walwin and Hannah Weinberger will be interviewed. There will also be an exclusive lecture done by the popular American sci-fi writer Hugh Howey (known from the trilogy WOOL, SILO and DUST) about a post apocalyptic underground silo. Even though he started independently, he pierced through to the mainstream and now 20th Century Fox already purchased the film rights to his books.
Works in the exhibition Contemporary Art Club: UTOPIA:
From the collection of the Stedelijk, the video Miami by Sarah Morris (2002) will be shown. This film is an almost biographical documentary about Miami, the city where commerce and entertainment seem to be at the centre of everything: perfect and burdensome at the same time. The camera observes the distinctive, plastic city culture from vehicles as camera dollies, neutral and without interference, which is enforced by a demure soundtrack.
In Desniansky Raion, Cyprien Gaillard researches the tracks humanity leaves behind in its environment and nature, whereby modernistic, utopian housing-architecture functions as a recurring motive in his oeuvre. The electronic music by Koudlam accompanies a bizarre confrontation of hooligans in East European suburbs.
Resident of the Rijksakademie Dan Walwin will present a combination of two videos. In Immortality, a gliding camera silently wanders over an British hilly forest-landscape and stumbles upon an illegal rave party in an abandoned rock quarry. In Telemotive, a group of men set out by car, in the same British midlands as that of Immortality, whereby they create remarkable, almost ritualistic situations.

The work of Hannah Weinberger is also highly connected to the themes of architecture and soundscape. Her video Trailer feels like a fragmented story of a city. The video more or less follows four characters that travel to more or less recognizable locations, unreachable but also omnipresent: the (non-)places of a global city. Weinberger utilized the excitement of a trailer, but leaves out the usual plot twist. As a counterpart of Trailer, the sound piece Every Other Year (2013) will be displayed. It’s a soundtrack of familiar sounds from the city and our daily life. This way, Weinberger alienates us from our daily experience and forces us the distance ourselves from our own experiences.

The third edition of Contemporary Art Club takes place from November 28th until December 7th 2013. This edition will centralize artworks that reflect on information technology and data systems.
Contemporary Art Club is completely free during the duration of each edition between 17.30 and 02.00. The opening event will have entrance fees.
Contemporary Art Club is organized by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and De Verdieping, the monthly culture programme of TrouwAmsterdam.