The story behind AERA009

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The story behind AERA009

01-10-2013 | 19.28

On October 5th the new EP of Kirk Degiorgio (AERA009) will see its release on the club night of Indigo Aera. But what most people don't know, is that this release has a very interesting background story...

It so happened that Kirk recently unearthed a couple of lost tracks this year while he was searching through a box of old DAT tapes. For over two decades, Kirk thought that the DATs in that box contained the digital copies he made of many of the records he sold at the time. But he also found one that was labeled APPLIED RHYTHMIC TECHNOLOGY Volume 1. Kirk knew immediately it was a long lost tape - as he had Volumes 2-4 - but had never found the first volume.

Some of the track titles on the insert sleeve of the tape looked familiar to him. However, there were several other track titles Kirk didn't recognize after 22 years. Fairly confident that these unfamiliar titles belonged to unreleased tracks that were originally intended for release, Kirk immediately send the tape recordings to his techno producer and mastering engineer. He converted them to WAV files and after listening to them, Kirk immediately thought of the "Lost Archive" series on Indigo Aera for six of the tracks. The rest is history.

The tracks that are to be released on Indigo Aera were recorded during 1991. He said about this: "I know they were recorded later in 1991 as I can clearly recognize the Roland TR808 that I purchased that summer. I had also acquired some of Derrick May's equipment at this time and the production is slightly more confident than the early tracks."

Kirk Degiorgio will be playing in Trouw this Friday at Indigo Aera with Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff. Because the night celebrated the ninth release of the label, we’ll be giving away 2 of 88 unique copies of Kirk's AERA009 EP plus 2x2 guestlist spots for the night!

What do you have to do to win these prizes? Send an e-mail to before Friday October 4th 15:00 containing the answer to this question: which moniker did Kirk Degiorgio use to release most of his productions? The winners will receive a message on Friday afternoon.