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If we try

04-10-2013 | 10.24

It’s the 8th of February and I’m dancing to Xosar’s live set in Trouw. Next to me, a guy is dancing too and yells ‘wow, so cool!’. He comes closer and asks: ‘do you also think Legowelt produced her music?’

Uhm, no. Why?

A few months earlier at Melt festival, I’m dancing to Nina Kraviz’ deejay set. Her set is vinyl-only; she plays records by Hieroglyphic Being, Omar-S and Reinhard Voigt. During her set she never stops dancing, though she changes clothes three times. A guy next to me puts up his thumb, smiles and asks me: ‘do you also think Ben Klock produced her music?’

Why? Ben Klock makes stripped-down muscular techno tracks, Nina Kraviz highly original late-night house tales. And yes, I’ve heard that they are/were dating, just like I’ve heard about Legowelt and Xosar. I don't care, but you can't get away from gossip, whether you like it or not. The point with both Nina and Xosar is that it seems that the fact that they’re making music is too much for these guys. It occurs to them as a problem. A problem that needs explanation.

These guys are just two examples and I didn’t make them up. Actually, I’ve picked them from a lot of quotes that were more or less the same. For instance, fill in Magda and Troy Pierce instead of Xosar and Legowelt, and it works too. Again, the fact that a woman can  mix records and produce minimal techno needed an explanation -  and found one in the beard of Troy Pierce.

The point is, these accusations aren’t even the worst I’ve heard. More than once, people on the dance floor suggested way different things Nina Kraviz had to for Ben Klock than just asking him to produce her music.

In his speech at The Tate Modern in London at the beginning of this year, DJ Sprinkles (musician, deejay, writer, educator, transgender) called his own deejay sets ‘futile attempts to publicly carry forward these long dead musics that were the soundtrack to a lost era of queer/HIV-AIDS/trans-activism’. House music as long dead musics that were once the soundtrack of a lost era. Some guys make you think he is right; let’s try and prove that he is not.

During ADE, Xosar’s playing on Friday at Trouw – you can practice there.

DJ Sprinkles is playing Trouw the day after at the Resident Advisor ADE special.

Text: Luc Mastenbroek
Photo Xosar: Arif Kornweitz