Goosebumps all over

Trouw at Concertgebouw

Goosebumps all over

25-10-2013 | 19.22

"What a night, whát a night." It's the reaction that I hear all around me when I'm walking in the Concertgebouw last Friday evening. It fills me with a lot of joy and pride, because we've worked hard on this project and something like this wasn't realised before. The artists of Trouw, in setting of the Concertgebouw, was really one of my dreams coming true.

A little background information: I work for /entrée, the youth association of the Concertgebouw and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. /entrée has been thinking about a production like this for years, to find the fine line between classical and electronic music and we couldn't have hoped for a better result. The night started off great with Patrice Bäumel's excellent rendition of Drumming Part 2 by Steve Reich. For a little over 20 minutes, Patrice captivated the entire room together with percussionist Dominique Vleeshouwers and presented us with a beautiful beginning of the night. 

After this act and the rebuild of the stage, the orchestra walked on stage and Henrik himself strolled down the famous stairs of the Concertgebouw, to which everybody started clapping intensively. After that, I heard the orchestra playing Henrik Schwarz' music. I think I even heard a couple of "Henrik we love you!". The tone was set. Then the orchestra started by playing Henrik's famous Walk Music and ended with I Exist Because Of You.

After the break, DARKSIDE entered the stage and gradually built up the tension and excitement; they made everybody listen so concentrated and fascinated. When I looked around, I saw hundreds of eyes looking intrigued towards this interesting duo. The act was accompanied by a gigantic mirror hanging above the instruments onto which lights where projected that shined into the audience and on the walls. With the lights, music and visuals getting more turbulent, Nicolas and Dave worked towards a heavy and exuberant finale where the audience didn't hide their enthusiasm with some people leaving their chairs to stand up cheering and clapping. Goosebumps all over, also due to the amazing visuals by Bob Waardenburg, Meeus van Dis, Christopher Gabriel, Arnout Hulskamp and Children of the Light throughout the entire night.

And that was just the concert... Because after the concert something extraordinary took place. In a bit hidden and definitely the most beautiful room in the Concertgebouw, filled with chandeliers and black satin walls, Henrik and Nicolas decided to play a three hour back to back set. To see all those happy faces, dancing to their favorite DJ’s, was a moment that I will never forget.
We of /entrée of course love to see young faces in the Concertgebouw like we did last week. If you're interesting in visiting more concerts in the Concertgebouw, you should definitely visit /entrée on their website; there are a lot of cool events coming up!

Text: Micha Windgassen

Photo credits: Maarten Jüngen