The Biceps

The Biceps

17-09-2013 | 20.03

Before they became piano house-connoisseurs, before they made the future romance-rave classic You, before they shared the bill with Laurent Garnier, Cassius, Julio Bashmore and Henrik Schwarz, before they were asked to close Space in Ibiza with Fatboy Slim and Groove Armada and before they were ‘eating great food, bench pressing girls, climbing into industrial freezers, going for burgers, causing trouble in China and hanging out with air hostesses and general nutters’, the boys from Bicep were bloggers. Their ongoing blog deserves the muscular title – Feel My Bicep: their statements are strong, they never care too much (about anything: punctuation, genres) and when they started – at the time of the minimal buzz – they had the balls – or biceps – to present something different. Over the years their blog became a great archive for both obscure and hit music, from late night slow motion-disco to full on analog burners. Here are ten of my favorites – I picked them from their blog, checked if they were still up and added their own ingenuous lines.

Brian Ferry – Don’t Stop the Dance
Who cares that his son stormed Parliament in protest against the fox hunting ban (really Bryan Jr., I’m sure there are more important issues to get jailed over)?

Black Devil Disco Club & Nancy Sinatra – To Ardent (Horse Meat Disco remix)
This is great warm up/down material espeically when those lush etheral keys come into play. Snap your copies up at all the usuals!

Cosmo Vitelli – Running Backwards
Back to the dancefloor with an unexpectedly nervous pace.

Spanic – Bring on the Night
Highly influential track in the evolution of dance music in Spain, one of the first ever big electronic hits… either way you gotta hear it.

Daniel Avery – Airstrike (Tom Furse remix)
This as you may expect is a full on analog burner!

Kuedo – Ant City
Ultimate vibe track, brings us back to Blade Runner and sends us back to the future.

Kathy Diamond – All Woman (Maurice Fulton remix)
For me its all about 3.15 in when than bassline kicks in is absolute dirt, proper rollin arp bass only he can execute with such finess… Amazing stuff.

Structure – Emergency (Pitched Down version)
Tired of playing beatport top 20? Want a curveball for an upcoming set? Why not play this super slow, pitched down recording of the 1993 trance classic Structure – Emergency. See what the beards think of that big son!

STE Spandex – In the Heat of the Night (Lo-fi Tape version)
This one is a loopin’ juno bubbler that pulls in and out of acid greatness, with drums that just want to smash your head in… all things we thoroughly approve of.

Jean Luc Ponty – Computer Incantations for World Peace
Just on the good side of cheese the sounds are just so blissful.

Text: Luc Mastenbroek