The Berlin label WHITE

Interview with Oskar Offermann

The Berlin label WHITE

26-09-2013 | 20.13

Oskar Offermann and Edward are the two protagonists of the Berlin-based label WHITE. This Friday they will bring their sound to Trouw. Oskar tells us where WHITE is coming from and where it’s going.

In the beginning, WHITE was a small group of musicians, graphic designers and creatives. Practically my whole circle of friends was involved. I and my partner Adam Zawadzki have two passions, music and graphics and we wanted to create a home for them. Our vision was to combine everything under one roof in a big creative factory. We were studying communication design and I thought it would be really easy to follow three career paths at once, music, film, advertising.. at some point I understood that I should be focussing on one field instead of three. And I found the thought of working for clients and providing creative ‘services’ unbearable.

Talking about WHITE might earn you a puzzled look. The term ‘white label’ is commonly used to refer to records without any information on the label. As Oskar explains, WHITE has been playing with this association from the beginning:

The name obviously is a pretty neat word play for a label. In contrast, we started our releases with the ‘Faces Series’, which was the exact opposite of a white label. We used the face of the artist as a flagship. These kinds of things amuse us. The series will run for many years and I’m looking forward to, hopefully, see some of the same faces again in 2030.

WHITE means business. Next to the main label, Rimini has been set up: a vinyl-only, edit label that Oskar describes as the eccentric brother of WHITE. With projects like this, the label is growing. WHITE is now running an office and employs interns, who get to enjoy Oskar’s cooking skills during lunch.

I cook often and I enjoy it a lot, it relaxes me. Although, sometimes, but only sometimes, we might get a pizza. Anyway, this whole office situation is really new for us. Before, things were done on the side. Now, we try to work  nine to five three days a week. We have to oversee the record release process, do promotion, podcasts, mailouts, etc. The usual stuff you do at a small label. But we’re just at the beginning and we will push for more this year!

Text: AM