The local discotheque as escape route

Theatre show Technokrets at the Night Bazaar

The local discotheque as escape route

27-08-2013 | 18.05

Young Dutch stage artists who take the trouble to draw up a manifesto containing key thoughts and ideals? Moeremans & Sons, a group of young theatre making who recently graduated from the Artez High School for the Arts in Arnhem did it. Under the motto plug & play, the collective wants to free themselves of the constricting shackles of theatre conventions. “Flexibility is a key word to us and ‘entry prohibited for unauthorized’ is our stage”, is stated in the manifesto that’s filled with a do-it-yourself-mentality to make you feel like you’re in the eighties.

Fortunately the ideals and ideas of the plug & principle also made way to good plays. Technokrets for example, a beautifully told story about the destructive friendship of two teenagers living in a boring city with only one possibility of escape: the local discotheque. Actors Eva Meijering and Micheael Bloos will take you on a joyride as raging adolescents and best friends Big and Beer of which you know that it will end in a terrible collision. The duo doesn’t spare much of their surrounding underway to their inevitable end. The bus driver, the snack bar owner, and the other discotheque visitors: everyone must and will break. This play displays the unmistakable spirit of the eighties, in the bright light on a fluorescent-lighted décor and with all of her nihilistic spirit. “Ohohoooo, tainted love”, sung by Beer at the end of the play. It sums up Technokrets really nicely.

Technokrets was directed by Sarah Ringoet and is based on the play Disco Pigs by Enda Walsh. Meijering & Bloos are playing two shows on August 30th at 19.30 and 21.00 in Trouw during the Night Bazaar for a small fee of €4,00 in the club hall. 

First show: 19.30 – 20.15
Second show: 21.00 – 21.45

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Text: Joost de Kleine