Making Icepops with a 3D printer

Making Icepops with a 3D printer

26-08-2013 | 15.47

Have you tasted our delicious Trouw icepops yet? Lately you’ve been able to enjoy the tasted of pineapple-coconut, munt or raspberry on our terrace or during a clubnight in the form of our entrusted logo. But how are these beautiful icepops made and who are behind this…..?

Our icepops are made by these creative ladies: Leonie Smelt (designer) and Eva Renner (concept designer). They started making MELT icepops and their principle is that they make icepops in any shape and flavour imaginable.
These young entrepreneurs carry out the entire production process themselves in their own icepop factory. In an inspiring old school building located in the east of Amsterdam, they come up with the shape, assemble the recipes, make 3D prints of the mould and freeze the icepops so they can be sold in our Nightshop.
Leonie Smelt and Eva Rennen both have a creative background. Loenie is a fashion designer while Eva takes care of product development. Together they started MELT icepops 1 year ago, due to the fact that they found icepops to be pretty boring, while so much is possible with them.
What seperates MELT (besides the unusual shapes) from other companies, is the innovative production process which enables them to design a new shape and put it on the market on a short term with low costs. They design the icepops themselves, make the moulds and produce the icepops. They thought of the entire production process themselves and also developed it. On the Night Bazaar they’ll show you how they make the Trouw icepops with a 3D printer. They’ll also launch a new flavor while they're at it!

Entrance for the Night Bazaar on August 30th is free from 19.00 to 22.00. Full = full, so don't be late! The regular entrance fee is paid from 11pm at the door.

Photography by Ramona Deckers