DVS1 in three tracks

DVS1 in three tracks

10-06-2013 | 19.34

Zak Khutoresky aka DVS1 has got some busy times ahead of him. The man from Minneapolis played in Detroit at Movement and next week he’ll be playing in Barcelona and Berghain before heading off to Trouw. It all went quite fast for Zak: from going into debt due to his failed club in the early ‘00’s to climbing the international ladder with his productions the last couple of years. Enough reasons for me to highlight three of my favorite tracks that shaped the turbulent career of the Minneapolis based DJ/producer.

My first pick, ‘Running’, has a nice story to it. After having supporting the scene in Minneapolis for quite a few years, Zak ended up at Klockworks in 2009. It so happened that Zak and Ben Klock had to perform in Minneapolis on the same day. Without knowing it, they both went to see each other's gigs. Ben saw Zak doing a live set for the first time in years and was so impressed that he asked him if he could listen to a couple of his tracks. Zak didn’t have any full-length tracks ready, so he isolated a couple parts of his live-set to listen to. The track ‘Running’ came up quite fast. The other tracks on his first Klockworks EP are called 'Searching' and 'Floating' (can you see the pattern reoccuring?). The focus of the label is crystal clear with the guest releases of DVS1, Trevino and ROD: straightforward no nonsense techno in the most purest of forms.
'Pressure': one of the two tracks on the debut EP of DVS1 on the Transmat label owned by Derrick May. I think it’s a killer track in part because of the bright hi-hats, the crude bass and the warm synths bringing everything together so nicely. The whole ‘Love For Pressure’ EP is a textbook example of how beautiful simplicity can be. In both tracks (click here to listen to the other track called ‘Polyphonic Love’) Zak builds up the tension in a fast manner, which gives me a kind of dualistic feeling: on the one hand a dark and tense sensation, on the other hand a melody that feels quite cheerful. Anyways, I love it.

Ironically, my third choice is 'Evolve' and I think he named this track like that for a reason. After Transmat and Klockwords, this is one of the first tracks Zak released on his own label HUSH. With this track, DVS1 shows us that he’s still developing himself as a artiest, continues to fine-tune his sound and has no plans of stopping in the near future. The listening experience is quite different compared to his earlier work; probably because of the delay-heavy bassline pulling the track forward. But it's different in a good way, a raw way… My favorite track by DVS1.

DVS1 will be playing all night long on Saturday June 15th with his best friend Daniel Cortez aka DJ Ghetto as the supporting act. You know as well as I do that it’s obsolete to say you have to attend this night, even if you are only a LITTLE bit into techno. De Verdieping will be the playground for Black Magic with Patrice Bäumel and Shackleton, who isn’t getting enough attention in my book. As DJ Shadow once said about him: “This guy is just too future!” I rest my case.

Text: Frans Bootsman