The Ruler

The Ruler

02-05-2013 | 13.44

In the first years of Trouw, Viral Radio was my favorite night. The coolest crowd went there, people dancing in a beautiful way – especially in the back – and the most exciting records were played. Joker’s Digidesign, Zomby’s Strange Fruit, back then they we looked upon as future classics, but now they seem forgotten.

That fact that Viral Radio wasn’t able to continue was actually quite evident. Artist like Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke became household names, too expensive and the new movement was missing real power. When Viral Radio stopped at Trouw, Juha continued the nights in the Bimhuis and OT301 and Cinnaman started Colors. A great idea, the experimental side of Viral Radio took to the beautiful concert halls and the party continued on in Trouw.

From that point on, Colors was THE night – artwork, artists, crowd, everything. Hits were made and played without end. Wut and Battle for Middle You in the early days, For These Times and Man or Mistress on the last editions. From Joy O.’s mantra I'm the information, cocaine powder to his latest love confession: You make me weak, you make it so good sometimes... I just can't speak.
Where are those hands? That was the question during the first editions of Colors because of rapper/MC Sef. I think I’ve spend half an hour every Colors defending the MC, almost always with people shouting that the MC should keep his mouth shut because it’s so annoying when someone’s talking while music’s playing. The fuck indeed, someone talking mid-music can be a bit annoying. I got the feeling there was another underlying reason for this, a kind of conviction that Trouw is only for serious music lovers and that well-known Dutch celebs can’t possibly be just that. I actually think it’s the other way around, we need our Dutch celebrities more and more: poets, actors, singers. People like Mick Jagger gave clubs their legendary status. Now I don’t want to compare Sef with Mick Jagger – in order to be able to do so, the Rolling Stones should really produce a couple more hit songs – but I willing to stand up and support him. I tried it recently live at the bar of Trouw’s restaurant and her eon this blog: a small overview of Sef’s oeuvre – the best lines from one of our best rappers. He gave up his MCing a couple of months ago and not everyone has missed the ‘Let me see those hands!’ shout-outs – but I do miss it. Listen to his tracks, read his lyrics, watch the videos – so you too want Sef back.

A couple of years ago you would have known Sef from Flinke Namen, the band he formed with Fit, Murth the Man-O-Script and Flexican. That was cool, but not for now. Solo and especially on featurings is when Sef really breaks it down. Remember Me Nikes, with The Opposites? That one was nice, right? Yes, here are some of Sef’s legendary lines. 

Ik sta te draaien in de discotheek
terwijl ik niet hoef te draaien in de discotheek.
Ja, ik hoef niet te draaien in de discotheek
en toch sta ik te draaien in de discotheek.
Sorry, zei ik nou twee keer hetzelfde?
Dat komt door de drank dat kan ik niet helpen.
Ik heb genoeg gehad maar fok dat,
gaan we een lekker biertje zuipen hier?

Even just reading it, it sounds cool; imagine listening to it.. But maybe even cooler, is his verse on De Ruler:

Hij [Sef] is so verschrikkelijk phisticated
kijk hem met stokjes visjes eten.
Kijk hem eens losjes, frisjes, jeetje.
Hij is wat je leventje mist een beetje.

We continue - Sef in Flashy, with Faberyayo:

Gouden waffel, ik gooi er voedsel in:
langoustines, coquilles en goede vin.
Ik ga aan uit als een stroboscoop
zie me flikkeren,
ik ben heen homofoob,

On out, get it? Out when you're on it, the MC gets you.

And in 't Zal een keer niet, the track Sef and Faberyayo made with Vic Crezée for his mixtape, Sef rips the beat up. Als check the reference to Schippers' most famous artwork, the peanut butter floor.

Ik gooi de club op de barbecue,
breng saus.
We gooien drugs op je kankermoer,
breng house.
Het is de rapgame-Wim T. Schippers,
helaas pindakaas,
bitch made nigga.

And this is just the beginning. To come back to Colors; you don't need me to know you need to be there. Cinnaman is in top condition, nobody spins hiphop like Vic Crezée, Thomas Martojo has got the Amsterdam clubscene in his back pocket and on Queensday DJ+ showed us why he's one of the most relevant techno-DJ's. Listen to their last mixtapes and you know why you need to be there. I'm there and I'm excited. But from next month on, I want Sef back.

Text: Luc Mastenbroek