New Trouwe Honden

New Trouwe Honden

17-05-2013 | 11.39

Since we’ve been open a couple of years now, we often see new lovely faces visiting Trouw besides our regular visitors. Reason enough for us to make new Trouwe Honden dog tags to thank our beloved and loyal visitors. We will hand out these dog tags in the time coming during the club nights to those who we really think embody the spirit of Trouw!

What exactly is a Trouwe Hond? According to us, a Trouwe Hond is someone who fits Trouw so well that they are a part of us. A person who knows what we are all about as far as artistic content, freedom and way of thinking. This concerns not only the club and her music, but also the cultural program of De Verdieping and the culinary aspect of the restaurant.

The concept of the dog tag is that you have to earn the dog tag. We ask you to become a Trouwe Hond; it doesn't work the other way round. Requests for a dog tag are therefore futile.

Trouwe Honden are able to enjoy a couple of nice advantages:

- You can always come in through the guest list entrance with a reduced rate of 10 Euro’s; even when the night is sold out.
- The Trouwe Hond can also take along one extra person; this person pays the regular rate at the door.
We will be rewarding our loyal, lovely guests with this pretty bronze dog tag! In short: who is a Trouwe Hond?