Lauer, Lifesaver

Interview with Lauer

Lauer, Lifesaver

23-05-2013 | 10.56

The last time Lauer played live in De Verdieping was amazing, honestly the best live set I heard at Trouw last year. And there is good news: he is coming back! On Friday 31 May, the Live At Robert Johnson – Lifesaver Tour will bring Ata, Lauer and Oliver Hafenbauer to Trouw. We talked to Lauer about the tour, undiscovered music and reggae allergies.
You’re touring to celebrate the release of the Lifesaver compilation. How has the tour been so far?
Every evening I’ve been a part of has been great! But the absolute highlight is planned for 31 May.

Haha, good answer. What have you been up to besides touring?
I just finished a Remix-a-thon and now I’m working on new Lauer single. I’ll also go and try to make an album again, a mix between Techno and House, but that takes time. First I have to finish rebuilding my studio.

How are Tuff City Kids and Arto Mwambé doing?
On the Lifesaver compilation there is a Tuff City Kids track and we might do another EP on Ostgut Unterton. And remixes, remixes, remixes.. As for Arto Mwambé, there is a Brontosaurus retrospective that’s coming out on Permanent Vacation with lots of Mwambé tracks. We will play some DJ gigs together and there will even be a new track!

Between all this, what music are you listening to right at the moment?
I always listen to music in the office, podcasts or mixes, in order to discover new music, my last discovery is King Tubby, who cured my Reggae allergy.

Anything we need to hear but don’t know yet?
Uuhh.. difficult question in times of the Internet. 403 Indian bloggers may hold their Mango-lassi stomachs laughing now because it’s so yesterday but: Secret Circuit’s Cosmic Cassettes or Hugh Mane on Running Back or Orson Wells on Live At Robert Johnson

One question about the clip for your track 70000AC. Holger Wüst made it, but where are the images from?
Wüst! Amazing guy... the clip is an hommage to the German cult classic “Die Flambierte Frau”. You should watch it!