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01-05-2013 | 09.53

This Friday it’s time for Amsterdam’s coolest Bass party: COLORS. Resident Cinnaman will be joined during the upcoming edition by three deejays who earned their tracks in the nightlife of Amsterdam. They are Thomas “Dekmantel” Martojo, Team Patta's Vic Crezee and DJ+. DJ+ has been a valued contributor on Sonic Warfare and is the guy behind the HOAX- and Nachtwerk nights in the Melkweg and Club Up. Paulus Plus made a special Colors promo mix for our blog. We asked him for a written explanation.

You’re from Veghel, a small town near Den Bosch.. Do you know Yuri or Aardvarck from that period of time?
No, I’ve never met Yuri back then, that first happened when I went to Amsterdam. I did know of Aardvarck’s existence. That was because of his first album, "Find The Cow". I remember thinking: “This has to be made by a really eccentric guy!”, and I guess I wasn’t that far off.
I just started spinning at that time. It was already kind of a hobby to me, boring my friends with new weird electronic dance music. But there was hardly a scene in Veghel. So I soon moved my attention to cities like Den Bosch and Eindhoven, which were much better. But when I started studying in Utrecht, is when I encountered the really good parties.

You started out as a dubstep-deejay, but over the years you’ve softened your sound and went deeper with clear techno and house elements. Agreed?
Yes, I totally agree! For me, the rise of dubstep was the perfect platform to bring experimental electronic music to the dance floor. The crowd was also willing to try out something new and you could hear the different styles of music ‘pollinating’ each other. This became less within a couple of years. Dubstep turned into a sort of formula after a while. And I don’t want to stick to the same sound. That’s why my house, garage and techno influences have resurfaced more explicitly. I’ll definitely show my house sound, but in my own way. Because else, I wouldn’t be DJ+!

Yuri and Vic came out the closet a long time ago: they love nothing more than to slide to R&B. Are you a sneaky R&B lover, or just an all-out hater… And what will we notice from this at COLORS?
Haha, well I’m not really a slider, although I like a smooth vocal every now and then, or a nice moist melody in-between. Might sound a little crazy, but I don’t have many guilty pleasures. I do think it’s a challenge to find remixes of bad tracks, which make the track really cool in their own way.

Your gigs are going quite well: we saw you at Rewire in Den Haag, of course at Lockdown, you played at Lowlands, Outlook in Croatia. What was your personal highlight?
Outlook in Croatia was definitely one of my highlights. But maybe Lowlands even more, because people see it as the biggest festival of the Netherlands. Everyone around me knew that I was spinning records and organizing events professionally, but playing at Lowlands gave me extra affirmation. Plus, the atmosphere is really festive down there.
What cool things are ahead of you right now?
I can tell you that a couple of fantastic HOAX line-ups are lined up. And I’m also really looking forward to May the 24st. Audio Culture booked me the play in Paradiso with Mount Kimbie and Vondelpark.
A nice affirmation of the work you’ve been doing, is this weeks edition of COLORS. With Yuri, Thomas, Vic and you, there are four totally different local heroes on one list. If you were to add one more Amsterdam deejay to this collection, who would it be and why?
I’m really excited to be playing COLORS again! What only few people know it that I have also played the first edition of Colors downstairs in De Verdieping, but I don’t think anybody knew me at that time. If I were to add someone to the line-up, it would be Mattikk. His music is quite firm, but he has a perfect feel towards the audience. And he’s also my favorite back2back DJ!
The Saturday after Colors we’ll probably wake up with a smile on our face, but also with a dry mouth and pulsating temples. What is the tip of Paulus + to relieve the pain?
I think so too! My tip is to take a aspirin or two, after that a quick beer and start making plans for the next party that night! Keep looking forward and don’t give in to the hangover. A fine tune will also help. Maybe a more quieter album like Fences, the last John Roberts album. Or the album of Joey Beltram on Delsin. But secretly I also like to put on something a bit more darker. Faith Hearted by Miles for example.

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