50 Weapons of Choice

50 Weapons of Choice

13-05-2013 | 17.47

The Berlin based label 50 Weapons will be taking over De Verdieping with Cosmin TRG and the Dutchman 2562 / A Made Up Sound on May 17th. A perfect time to dig deep into the history of this fine label…

On a rainy day in Manchester in 2004, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szaryte of Modeselektor, half-drunkenly came up with the idea to found a bootleg label where every bootleg would cost only fifty cents and the label would only see fifty releases before shutting down. Almost ten years later, the 50 Weapons label is standing immensely strong and Modeselektor even founded a new label where they release records not only as Modeselektor, but also as Moderat together with Apparat.

But what kind of ammunition is 50 Weapons actually packin’? Well, a big list of quality names you’ll probably recognize: Cosmin TRG, Benjamin Damage, Falty DL, Doc Daneeka, Anstam, Phon.o, Dark Sky, Marcel Dettmann, Addison Groove, Humanleft, Shed, A Made Up Sound, Bambounou and last, but certainly not least Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace. 

The label has released all sorts of music: dubstep, techno, house, electro and everything inbetween. My personal hero: Shed. An artist who doesn’t pay much attention to others, doesn’t follow trends and continues to do his own thing. With a line of amazing, eccentric productions such as Estrange and Well Done My Son as a result. They always seem to bring a smile to my face.

On May 17th, the 50 Weapons men Cosmin TRG and A Made Up Sound will be playing in De Verdieping. Cosmin recently released his album Gordian (which received a four star rating from RA) and destroyed the Boiler Room Berlin. I’m quite curious to find out what tasty treats 50 Weapons has in store for me this Friday!

Text: Frans Bootsman