Trouw op Zondag for Dimitri

Trouw op Zondag for Dimitri

24-04-2013 | 13.41

You’ve probably noticed that Dimitri, one of our residents, is having a very tough time. Due to a bacteria, doctors had to amputate Dimitri’s lower leg and he’s heading for a tough rehabilitation process. It’s also been hard financially for Dimitri because he doesn’t have any income. That’s why we’re organizing a fundraiser called ‘Trouw op Zondag for Dimitri’ where all DJ’s, staff and others involved will work and contribute for free and all revenues will go to Dimitri!

As you must have read, Dimtri’s toes on his right foot had to be amputated due to a bacteria. Luckily they’ve managed to fight this bacteria with antibiotics, but they discovered an even bigger problem. Dimitri is suffering from a type of thrombosis, which resulted in his vains not being able to transport blood to his foot sufficiently. After a couple disappointing treatments, he had surgery, which seems to work well for him. But after two weeks at home with agonizing pains, the operation wasn’t as effective as doctors thought. Unfortunately, they had to amputate his lower leg.

This is of course a huge setback. It’s unclear when he’ll be released from the hospital, but we do know that he’ll be going to a rehabilitation clinic soon after where he’ll learn to walk with a prosthesis. The whole process will take years.

And this is where things get really gritty. Dimitri is a dj/producer, which also makes him an entrepreneur. This means you won’t receive any unemployment benefits unless you have an insurance for working disability. This gratuity costs around 300 euro's per month with an own risk of one year. So not a lot of artists, including Dimitri, have this insurance. He lives in free sector housing and already can’t afford the rent of his new place.

Let’s be honest: Dimitri is not only one of the founders of the music we so love, but also a big source of inspiration for Trouw, our residents and our international residents. Above all, he’s also simply one of us!
We want to make sure that he doesn’t get evicted and can enter his rehabilitation process without any difficulties. That’s why we’ll be organzing a ‘Trouw op Zondag for Dimitri’ on May the 5th. This will be a fundraiser where all the revenues of ticket sale, bar and wardrobe will be donated to Dimitri. Our residents will spin records for free, all our staff will work for free on this memorable night, the artwork is made without any costs and Ticketscript will also join in by expelling the administration costs for this event. Everybody works for free, so all the revenue will find its way to Dimitri!

For this special Trouw op Zondag, you can choose between the following tickets / donations: € 15 / 25 / 50 / 100. Ticket revenue will be donated completely to Dimitri!

The line-up: 

Joost van Bellen (Rauw, Amsterdam) 
Steve Rachmad (Get Physical, Amsterdam)
Tom Trago (Voyage Direct, Amsterdam)
San Proper (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Melon (Ratio?, Amsterdam)
Makam (Sushitech, Amsterdam)
Boris Werner (Late Night Society, Amsterdam)
William Kouam Djoko (Late Night Society, Amsterdam)
Serge (Clone, Rotterdam)
Patrice Bäumel (Black Magic, Amsterdam)
Olaf Boswijk (Trouw, Amsterdam)
Awanto3 (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Aron Friedman & Eric de Man (Musclefarm, Amsterdam)
Jean Pierre Enfant (LET, Amsterdam)
Carlos Valdes & Sandrien (Soulrock, Imprint, Amsterdam)
Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff (Indigo Aera, Amsterdam)

If you’re not able to stop by on May the 5th but still want to make a donation, Trouw has opened a special account to which you can transfer your donation: under the name of Post CS inzake Dimitri Kneppers.

For foreign donations: the BIC code of the Triodos Bank is TRIONL2U and the IBAN number of the bank account is NL72TRIO0197600255.