Time to play

Interview with Pachanga Boys

Time to play

23-04-2013 | 17.23

Maurizio in pink and Aksel in blue, totally in sync with the Pachanga Boys logo. Both boys were wearing sunglasses throughout the entire interview, so I also put on mine. At times, speaking with the Pachanga Boys was like listening to Donald Duck’s nephews, but with a bit more depth. Just a bit.

Aksel: ‘Tes-saaa’
Maurizio: ‘So sorry to be late.’
Aksel: ‘We are really sorry. We couldn’t connect and then I was running around and I almost broke my nose.’
I heard you both live in Paris now.
Aksel: ‘Right now we do. If we’re not in Mexico, we’re in Paris.’
Maurizio: ‘Exactly.’
Aksel: ‘I lived in lovely Cologne for more than 15 years, but I’ve always had this thing with Paris. And sometimes you just want a...’
Both: ‘Change.’
Aksel: ‘... in environment.’
Maurizio: ‘I also enjoy Paris and I thought it made no sense to be so far away from my pachango.’
*Aksel gently caresses the heart shaped brooch he is wearing*  
So would I be able to hear a difference in your music from before and after moving?
Aksel: ‘I don’t think so. Our music is free from ‘place’, because it is created in different places. We take 5 minutes on an airplane if we happen to have...’
Maurizio: ‘Ideas.’
Aksel: ‘And we finish it in another place.’
Maurizio: ‘We actually never think about countries. We represent ourselves and not our nations. Also, to try to find aesthetics combining Germany and Mexico, that would be... pfff.’
Why are you the Pachanga Boys and not the Pachanga Grown-up Men?
*both laughing and finger snapping and dancing in their seats*
Aksel: ‘So hard to grow up.’
Maurizio: ‘It’s so hard to grow up.’
Aksel: ‘It has a better flow to say Pachanga Boys than to say Pachanga Grown-ups.’
Maurizio: ‘It sounds fresh.’
Aksel: ‘It sounds kind of fresh. Energetic.’
*both doing dance moves*
Aksel: ‘Lots of energy.’
What would you say is grown-up about you?
Aksel: ‘I think, I think, maybe, you know, just like, the simple, like, the honesty, no?’ *looks puzzled at Maurizio*
Maurizio: ‘The ability to say no.’
Aksel: ‘We say no to many things. You wanna have a list of no’s and no-no’s?’
Maurizio: ‘Look, there’s a nice naked man.’ *Thomas Von Party walks through the screen in his underwear*
Aksel: ‘We didn’t say no to this one...’
Thomas Von Party: ‘They’re good boys!’
Aksel: ‘You see! He didn’t say we’re good grown-ups.’
And in what aspects do you consider yourself boys?
Maurizio: ‘We try to make everything as relaxed and as fun as possible. One of the creative processes is like playing, it’s like whaeoehwe. Make the routine a game.’
Maurizio, you won a chili pepper eating contest in Germany in 2010. [Audiovisual proof here.] How did it come to that?
M: ‘I had a gig in Dortmund and I was having dinner with the promoter before. Funny guy bla bla bla. And he was telling me that he used to work in a currywurst place where they did contests now and then of eating spicy currywursts. I was like: you know what, I’m kinda good at taking hot food. It is not a matter of pain, I just enjoy eating it. ‘If you happen to know about the next contest they do, I could come and play there. And if I win, you pay my fee and if I don’t I play for free.’ Not even a week later, I got an email from my booker saying that this guy Kevin is inviting me to come because there’s this contest. In my head I thought that this guy just told the guy at the restaurant about this Mexican that wants to do it, and that they decided to make it happen. But then it turned out not to be just a restaurant contest but a real official national contest! The guy drove me outside of the city to this kind of hall and I was like: WHAT?! I saw an ambulance outside of the place, I saw television, I saw numerous cars painted with chili’s and flames, looking like a Formula 1 team from chili eating. And guys looking like Rambo... I thought: oh no, oh my god, this is so wrong! I had no clue what to do, but I just kept on going. And then I just won.’
Aksel: ‘Later he arrived at my place and it was like he took psychedelic drugs. He was like...’
Both: ‘Tripping.’
What contest would you win, Aksel?
Aksel: ‘I don’t know, actually. Probably...’
Maurizio: ‘Ping-pong.’
Aksel: ‘Probably ping-pong. But to me life is not a contest. I get the feeling that for some people it is, they are permanently stressed.’ *lifts a finger in the air* ‘That’s not good.’

Text: Tessa Velthuis