Short films and card-illustration-manifestion

Cineville at the Night Bazaar

Short films and card-illustration-manifestion

13-04-2013 | 11.27

The Night Bazaar is not only a place for food, fashion and photography, but also for the best that the medium of film has to offer. Cineville has been a household name in Amsterdam for quite some time now and is focused on the best national and international films, big or small. They were present on the first edition of the Night Bazaar and we are happy that they are part of the this third edition again. Cineville is going to come over to show a wide array of short films and give you the opportunity to get your Cineville card illustrated!

There will be three illustrators present at the Night Bazaar: Lize KorpershoekMenah and Marianne Lock. Liza made short clips for Cineville and previous illustrated columns. Menah illustrated the Bioscopentour and now Cinefilosofie, and Marianne has a new series with alternate movie posters, Mary’s Movieposters.
Liza, Menah and Marianna will be present on April the 26th to provide your Cineville card with an unique drawing by them. For free. Haven’t got an Cineville card? Not to worry. You can also purchase one and have it illustrated by one of the three ladies. There you go!

For the short film program of Cineville, we'll give you a little teaser with three film favorites of the editorial staff.

Centrifuge Brain Project - Till Nowak
It begins modest, credible. The attractions look good and are perhaps possible, that doctor Laslowicz even kind of looks like a doctor. The Institute for Centrigual Research sounds official and the website that accompanies it also look decent. Centrifuging brains to solve the problems of mankind, why not? The background of director Nowak as a digital artist really shows in the idiotic attractions in the film. These attractions are physically completely impossible, but seem to slide right through because of their visual strength.

Lick the Star - Sofia Coppola 
Even when you're born in the most powerful dynasty of Hollywood, you have to prove yourself before you get a full-length movie financed. It all started in 1998 for Sofia Coppola with Lick the Star, her short study of the capricious and ruthless world of spoiled teenage girls. A year later she got the chance to make her first cinema film. The Virgin Suicides definitely gave her the title of the super talent of the American independent film. Coppola's newest and fifth film, The Bling Ring, will be in cinema's this summer.

Pic Pic André Shoow - Le deuxième (1997) van Stéphane Aubier en Vincent Patar
With Ernest & Célestine, an animation film about the unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse, directors Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar gave us the necessary warmth this winter. Who really looks into the short films of the Belgians, will discover that bears can also do mean things. Things you shouldn't let your kids see. In the Pic Pic André Shoow from 1997 we meet the magical pig Pic Pic who battles a car thief and the horse André experiences that painful consequences of the destructive love-hate relationship with Coboy le cowboy. Subtitles are absent, but knowledge of the French language is not required.