Rush Hour's Record Riot

Vinyl on the Night Bazaar

Rush Hour's Record Riot

16-04-2013 | 15.52

What is a Night Bazaar without a vinyl-stand? That's why Rush Hour is coming to the Night Bazaar on April the 26th with Rush Hour's Record Riot!

Olaf Boswijk and Patrice Bäumel sold a part of their vinyl collection on the first edition of the Night Bazaar and Nuno Dos Santos took it upon himself to make his collection available on the second edition. With the third edition coming up, we just had to have another record sale inside our building. That's why we invited our resident Antal to bring Rush Hour's Record Riot to Trouw!

The name Rush Hour truly embodies the meaning of the word vinyl. The label and the store in the Spuistraat have always had a special meaning to us and we just love to pass by the store to dig in their crates looking for the best records. In short: the perfect partner for the Night Bazaar! Antal has spend days wandering through the Rush Hour warehouse and collected a lot of vinyl. What to expect? Many house classics, disco and pop lp's. The records were collected in many different digging trips and collection purchased by Rush Hour. This means you can encounter all sorts of stuff!

What are the costs?
1 record = € 5
3 records = € 10
6 records = € 15

See you at the 26th at Rush Hour's Record Riot!