Hunchin' for Hunee

Hunchin' for Hunee

17-04-2013 | 10.59

Coming Friday, we're going to be hunching all night in De Verdieping again. Last time was one big disco explosion. Last weekend we had a chat with Hunee about house, his sets and moving to the United States.

How did you get into disco? Did you encounter that through discovering house music? I got into that kind of stuff because I was making some sort of travel back into time, from new electronic music, to the older house stuff, to disco.
I went kind of the opposite way, starting with hiphop and then getting into the "originals", funk breaks and all, and then slowly following the chronological path from soul and funk to boogie to disco to house and ending up in techno heaven. But that’s a very simplified way to look at it, musical exploration happens in a lot of directions at the same time and your love for different moods, styles, tones, energies just grows and piles up until you can touch the sky... Now I can go to a shop and get and enjoy a jazz record, an African percussion track, a Robert Hood techno beast, a sensual house record and and and at the same time. 
That’s really reflected in your deejay sets: they are very diverse and contain classics, cult classics, new records. But it's never difficult or academic, you turn the place upside down and are all about great party vibes. Do you have a mission or a set out plan with your deejay sets? Or is it just go with the flow, good times ahead, let's see where we can go?
Ha! I love to make people dance, that’s it, but then again, I have this urge to be different too. I don’t care if people think I am so tight, or good at this, or suck at that, I just care about creating something they will hopefully not forget. My nightmare is that people will say: "It was just another good house or disco night"... You know, surprise them, surprise myself. Connect the dots. Not be afraid to fuck it up, take a risk, play on your toes. I don’t have a masterplan, but I sometimes know that I want to create a particular situation for a record to blow-up. But everything I do is very communicative with the crowd. If we get along, there is no place that we can’t reach...
If I am not mistaken, this is one of our last chances to hear you play for a while since you will be moving to the USA soon. Is there something you are going to miss here in Berlin? And something you are especially looking forward to in the USA?
I hope to make the move to Los Angeles in July, fingers crossed! I am curious to find out what things I will really miss about the musical intensity in Europe and especially Berlin. The touring situation will change drastically as well.... And I will miss the option to go to Panorama Bar, although I never go... Gonna miss the crazy Berlin dancers, with their passion and energy. But I am also looking forward to spend more time with my music friends from the States, and L.A. has a great scene too, diverse and lots of soulful music happening - people like Lovefingers, Tom Noble, Zernell, Dam-Funk, Suzanne Kraft, Eddie Ruscha, Gifted & Blessed, the Build an Ark family, the Rhonda crew, Stones Throw, Now Again, Mount Analog... I won't be bored... See you in the SUN!

Text: Joost de Kleine