Running Back home

Running Back home

13-03-2013 | 16.53

Gerd Janson will play all night long in Trouw this Friday. While I was going through the catalogue of his excellent label Running Back, I was wondering what my parents would think of some of the classics in there.

Back in the days when turntables didn’t have a pitch, my dad used to be a DJ for a couple of years. He had what we would call a residency in a nightclub in Munich. The nightclub wasn’t a black box with subwoofers and strobelights. It was more like a bar, with tables, a hostess that made sure everybody drank enough and of course my disc jockeying dad. Back then, in those clubs the DJ was actually more of an entertainer, telling jokes between records or making remarks. My dad wasn’t too good in playing the funny guy though and after a while people stopped asking for it because they noticed the music he played was better than his jokes.

About the records: once per month he was allowed to spend 100 DM or so on new records, paid for by the club. The records were all stored in drawers in the DJ booth. Imagine Trouw had that! Anyway, because turntables didn’t have a pitch (and because there was no techno), there was no beatmatching. Instead it was about knowing the right spot to put the needle on the record so you could switch tracks, or songs, when there was a break. And of course there were no 1.5 hour sets; it was always all night long.

My mom also has some music background. She once played & sang in an experimental band on the closing night of the club she worked in. I think her instrument was Styrofoam on a mirror. Also, she lived in a house with lots of musicians and a studio. Eventually she moved out because the musicians would always loot her fridge.

Ok, so my parents earned some local scene credits. Now how do they like Running Back?
Todd Terje – Ragysh
“We like it! It has a certain drive.. sounds like lots of escalators! Or typing a lot.. It also wakes me up. I feel like going out!”
Lauer – 70000ac
“It’s ok.. Purée. Vacuuming and cleaning.. actually doesn’t do a lot to me. I just heard it and already forgot it again.”

Maybe another Lauer track is better?

Lauer – Coppers
“Interesting beginning.. but a little too tentative and too much repetition. But you can hear that he has got talent! Good job. But more courage for some magic would be good.”
Disco Nihilist - Coffee And A Worn Paperback 
“This is good. From the other side of the globe.. It sounds like cooking with lots of different spices.”
Theo Parrish – Black Mist (Extended Version)
“This is really great. My dark side is flattered. Is it mysterious or just decadent.. it’s falling out of rhythm in a way that leaves you wanting for more.. Makes me think of a jazz concert in a factory in Cologne. This is the best of all five!”

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