Forward thinking techno


Forward thinking techno

25-03-2013 | 12.46

Whenever we think of British techno, our minds goes straight to the name of Surgeon. With his stoic appearance and quirky techno sound, he’s one of the few DJ’s able to catch us off guard by beginning his set with a jazz track. But how did Antony Childs aka Surgeon become one of the biggest British techno DJ’s? It’s time for a little story.

The story of Antony Childs began in Kislingbury. After having grown up here, his study choice drove him to the city now synonymous with British techno: Birmingham. In the late 80’s, this was still a real labour induced city without any techno clubs in the area. Therefore, Childs started to organize the first techno parties with a couple of his friends, named House of God. Shortly after, he released his first EP on the label Downwards Records, which got quite a bit of airtime by techno legends Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke. Surgeon’s career had taken off.

In the late 90’s and early 00’s, Childs was one of the first to adopt and embrace playing with laptops and was already working with Ableton and Final Scratch software. It was also this period in time when he started producing. This resulted in 6 albums and dozens of EP’s on Counterbalance and his own label Dynamic Tension. And in 2007, Fabric asked Childs to mix the Fabric 52 mix CD: one of the great privileges for many DJ's.

Childs released his first album on the label NNA Tapes under his real name this month titled: 'The Space Between People And Things'. Again an album that defines Childs as an artist. Highly experimental, or as he calls it: 'tone-based experimental works'. Like Childs states in multiple interviews: "I'll let other people focus on genres, that's totally not what I'm about. For me, only the music matters."

Surgeon is also quite the collaborative type. In the past years, he has worked together with Mick Harris on an extremely experimental CD 'Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt', forms the duo British Murder Boys with Regis, is still performing regularly with Ben Sims as Frequency 7 and released his first EP together with Blawan in February on the moniker Trade. Two of their tracks can be listened to on the right.

Surgeon will be performing on March the 30th on Imprint together with Sandrien. The perfect opportunity to catch him in action! You can now listen to the set by Surgeon at the 20th Anniversary of House of God down below as a cool preview. The set is filled with new Trade and classic Regis tracks: clean-cut techno by the one and only Surgeon.

For the real Surgeon-lovers: here's a Dummy Mag article with the ten best techno tracks ever produced according to Surgeon. Definitely worth checking out!