Contemporary dance in the club

Contemporary dance in the club

12-03-2013 | 14.26

Contemporary ballet is not something you’d expect during your regular night out. But the Nederlands Dans Theater is extending outside of its traditional theatre walls to Trouw with MOTUS on March the 21st.

During this night you can enjoy (parts of) four wonderful productions from the oeuvre of NDT. A real challenge to the dancers, choreographers and technics department: how are we going to adjust the productions to the industrial setting of Trouw? And what kind of effect will the old presses and concrete walls have on the ballet?

MOTUS presents four ballets given to affect you for multiple reasons. CACTI is cheerful, humorous and fast. SHUTTERS SHUT is a performance of the poem that art/cult figure Gertrude Stein wrote for her good friend Pablo Picasso. With the poem ‘If I told him’ she wrote a portrait piece about Picasso and honoured his artistic skills. Picasso in his turn painted a portrait of Stein, connecting the two forever in each other’s artwork.

SUNSET LOGIC was inspired by the music of Talking Heads. In early 1980’s, frontman David Byrne accurately depicted the neurotic world of the American middle-class, which was constantly chasing its own tail, trying to find riches and happiness. Thirty years later, Byrne is still an active player in the art scène and the music of Talking Heads is more relevant than ever.

SOURCE OF INSPIRATION is part of Silent screen; a ballet that was inspired by the music of Philip Glass. The composer became known for his ‘Glassworks’: beautiful minimalistic productions. Glass also produced a masterpiece for the film ‘The Hours’ by making the soundtrack for the movie in which past and present seem to co-exist. This soundtrack is now also a part of Silent Screen.

SHUTTERS SHUT by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot 
SOURCE OF INSPIRATION, from Silent screen by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot  
CACTI by Alexander Ekman
SUNSET LOGIC by Johan Inger

Besides ballet, the program of MOTUS is compiled of performances by OFF PROJECTS and:
YOUNG MARCO (Rush Hour) 
DEKMANTEL SOUNDSYSTEM (Thomas Martojo & Casper Tielrooij) 
RENKAS (NON records) 
MAGNESII (Chronocircle)