Ten Track Guide to the Kompakt Galaxy

Ten Track Guide to the Kompakt Galaxy

21-02-2013 | 13.49

Since I listen to electronic music to dance to, Kompakt Records has been one of my favourite labels. Whether they release stripped techno, post-disco or echo tabes full of ambient, there’s always a sense of pop in it, something that gives their music a kind of friendliness. Also, their music always sounds very Kölsch – something I experienced when I visited Cologne last summer. There’s no Berlin in Kompakt, no expat or jetset culture, no metropolitan culture (except Superpitcher’s New York tributes). On the contrary, their music is kinda naïve and sometimes even funny.

When I visited Cologne, Barnt took us to the Kompakt headquarters, which of course made me excited. But where I expected a Willy Wonka-ish Record Factory - with Wolfgang Voight producing records in a dark forest, Superpitcher singing chansons while drinking red wine and Matias Aguayo rollerskating over a sunny beach – it was like any other ordinary office.
Still I’d like to share some of my favourite Kompakt records with you. You might already know Two of Us, Beautiful Life, Opa and Over the Ice – but do you know these?

Aril Brikha – Winter

The progressive records that rules out all the other ones. Sometimes you just need to listen to trance, therefore Brikha made this perfect record for you. Also, catch him in Trouw along the excellent Nuno dos Santos on the 23rd of March.

Closer Musik – One Two Three (No Gravity)

You’re in outer space, there’s a fast drumbeat playing. Matias Aguayo sings: floating free floating free floating free, between the stars between the stars between the stars, there’s no night and day no night and day no night and day, planet E is far away far away far away…

DJ Koze – Zou Zou

Wilful psychedelic post-deephouse, it can be done but only Kosi can do it.

Jatoma – Manipura

Utopian synth euphoria for you to dance to.

Justus Köhncke – Feuerland

You’re happily swimming with the fishes while Köhncke plays a pagan Neu! cover. Back to the seventies in full effect.

Partial Arts – Teleskope

You know, nu-disco is not the pumped up, plastic no-disco that some new kids are shamelessly playing. Teleskope by Partial Arts, that’s nu-disco yes.

Supermayer – Please Sunrise

You’re on a summer festival. The music is slow but nice, there’s some moody acid in it, some nice piano chords. You see Superpitcher dancing behind the booth and you start smiling. Michael Mayer watches the audience and he sees that it’s good.

Superpitcher – Heroin

You’re in NYC, the DJ plays this 7 minute sinister dance track and you start to dance. Blood’s running through your veins. You feel like a man. You guess that you just don’t know.

The Field – Action

The only good part of Reach Out (I’ll Be There) looped for six minutes. You’re dancing to The Four Tops.

Voigt & Voigt – Synthesize

Synthesize synthesize synthesize synthesize synthesize.

Kompakt frontman Michael Mayer will play a 10 hour set in Trouw this Sunday.

Text: Luc Mastenbroek