Some kind words about Cinnaman

Some kind words about Cinnaman

01-02-2013 | 17.30

What's there to say about Cinnaman that hasn't been said before? That he's one of the best DJ's in Amsterdam? That he has been hosting his Colors night in Trouw for years now? Or that he can mix music styles faster that you're able to pronounce them?

To celebrate his upcoming all-nighter on February the 1st, we'll let a couple of his friends/colleagues say some words about this highly talented man.

Cinnaman, the wrecker waving his sceptre.
How he deceivingly simple and humble finds the balance between all genres and knows how to connect them. I've heard him top many great DJ's and wreck many venues. Definitely part of the avant-garde for the last couple of years.
- Tim Nieburg

Blessed by inner peace and a highly talented man. His most beautiful dreams are turning into reality: and deservingly so! Thumbs up near your eye! Nothing less and more than love for Cinnaman.
- Steven de Peven

The guy has got an exquisite taste and works the deck like no other, you gotta praise him for that on itself... He's a definite and sincere contribution to our culture, and apart from that he's also a lover. And I love him for that too. One love for Cinnaman! 
- San Proper
Hey Dikke!
- Antal

Cinnaman will be performing in our booth on the first of February during Colors with his refreshing mix of bass and house. And probably the best bit: nobody knows when the night will end...