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The Rotterdam - Amsterdam connection

Voyage Direct

12-01-2013 | 15.53

Arch enemies, competitors, rivals. Rotterdam and Amsterdam, 010 against 020, the most anticipated football match of the Eredivisie and competing cities on almost every area. This relationship between Rotterdam and Amsterdam is about the be turned upside down on January the 19th with the label night of Voyage Direct. Nothing but love from here on out.

In order to bury the hatchet between Amsterdam and Rotterdam forever, Voyage Direct has put forward their best guys for both cities. Starting with Gerd.

The Rotterdam local Gert-Jan Bijl aka Gerd aka Geeeman has been in the studio a lot lately and is  sharing his studio sessions the last couple of weeks on YouTube. This gives us a glimpse in what exactly goes on in his musical workshop. A video of Gerd with Alden Tyrel called Love Thang has emerged. Probably a reference to the track that he and Tyrel are making together. And let's be honest: who doesn't love a sneak-peak now and again?

Where Gerd is recording his studio sessions on video, Tom Trago walks a totally different line. In the fall of 2012, Tom enclosed himself in his self-named Boshuis to work on his new album. It will be Trago’s third album after his well-received Voyage Direct series. A wide variety of artists are dropping by to be part of this creative experiment. Another piece of work to look out for from the sympathetic Amsterdam dude with Portugese roots.

Who thinks about Jan van Kampen, thinks about Dekmantel. The first of January must have been a busy day for Jan, where had to play at Trouwens and Dekmantel New Year’s Day. The star of the Dekmantel frontman has been deservingly rising exponentially. A DJ that isn’t dependent of hits, but keeps on surprising us with dark and dirty tracks. And that’s what we love.

Put it in your calender: Voyage Direct, January the 19th. You'll be hearing a lot of unreleased tracks.