Interview with San Proper

Our very first and very special Resident of the Month

Interview with San Proper

19-01-2013 | 11.52

In June last year San Proper brought out his very first album Animal, which he represents through his live sets. But always playing live that’s a bit too much to ask…
“Besides my live sets I think dj sets are important as well because it’s grounded pretty deep. If I would only perform live I’d get crazy because I could only play my own stuff. I have some kind of San Proper book of wise statements, which should be brought out… Quotes! And one of those statements is ‘With a bag of records, I feel like atlas’ (rhymes in Dutch). That thing is fucking heavy, but you’re carrying the entire world in you’re hands. You know I like my own music, but it’s not as good as the other stuff I know, haha. I love performing, behaving like a mad men and announce my music and I am fully behind it. It’s a signature that I’m trying to leave behind, but I couldn’t do that without the other music that I carry along.”
You’re staying in a lot of other cities besides Amsterdam as well right?
“Well I’m hardly in Amsterdam anymore. From Tuesday to Thursday I’m mostly in the studio, and then from Friday to Monday I’m doing a kind of mini tour every week. The great thing is, that every weekend I play in a small venue like De Verdieping. The people that book me are always those little independent organisations that fight for the sound of underground house music today. So usually I get a warm welcome and because it’s a small club you always make contact with you’re audience and you get that intimate living room feeling pretty quickly.”
“Next weekend I am spending in Amsterdam though for Proper’s Cult in De Verdieping, my favourite place in the city. I invited Daniel Wang who I also invited for my first clubnight ever in the Mazzo in 98/99, the Black Disco Bust. Wang’s attitude is real disco and his sound is so sexy as well. He produced a lot of good tracks for labels as Environ and it’s not a coincidence he’s fitting in so well with Metro Area and Morgan Gheist.”
We’re sitting in the smoking area of club Trouw when suddenly San’s hearing a song played at the restaurant…
“OH! Listen, Cymande! I’m pretty strict you know because of the San Proper month. I made about six podcasts for the restaurant. But I think the rest of the music that’s played here should be good as well because it’s representing me these days. We kicked off this month pretty well at New Year’s Eve. Tom (Trago) and I were doing musical background during dinner at the restaurant here. He was playing this dreamy jazzy stuff and I was singing some lines through it every now and then. I also brought two guitars to jam along.”
When I asked San if he did new years resolutions this was the first thing he answered:
“Do you know that song by Otis Redding, New Years Resolution? You should put it with the interview.”
Though he claims not to do resolutions there are still some promises he tries to hold on to…
“My birthday is in December, and that changed from a day to a three day festival. Nowadays I’m just celebrating it for an entire month. December already is pretty heavy with all those party’s and New Year’s of course. So in January I’m always having some kind of come down month in which I intend stuff and try to hold on to it. Like this morning I was planning on taking a swim in the Zuiderbad. And it didn’t happen, still some kind of resolution…”

Text: Ruben Leter