Two more years of Trouw!

Countdown with our Residents

Two more years of Trouw!

31-12-2012 | 11.44

The first of January was quite a special day for us. Not just because it’s the date for one of the most awesome parties of the year: Trouwens. But also because this day represents our temporary status. Trouw was always meant as a temporary space: initially for a maximum of two years. Our rent contract for the Trouw building ends on the first of January 2015. This means just two more years of Trouw. But not to worry. We’re planning to throw a lot of crazy parties and realise amazing plans over the next two years!

From today, we’re going to highlight one of our residents every month for the last two years: The Resident Of The Month. This means you’ll not only see our resident of the month in the club, but also on our blog and our social media outlets. The Resident Of The Month will also compile his very own dish, which you can taste in our restaurant as an added bonus to our menu and of course his very own podcast. We’ll give them a place in the spotlight like they truly deserve. Because to us, they’re heroes: they made Trouw the place that it is today.

The first Resident of the Month is San Proper. This technical mastermind with a gigantic extravert personality that always stands out with his rock n’ roll looks and lifestyle. Born and raised in Amsterdam, he was part of the beginning of the underground Amsterdam scene and started the new year for us in De Verdieping during TweeduizendTrouw. San will transform De Verdieping by musical magic to his personal playground together with Daniel Wang on the 26th of January at Proper’s Cult.

Trouw Residents:

Agoria / Âme / Antal / Boris Werner / Cassy / Cinnaman / Delta Funktionen / Dimitri / Dixon / Gerd Janson / Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff / Jean Pierre Enfant / Job Jobse / Joost van Bellen / Joris Voorn / Mano Le Tough / Makam / Melon / Nuno dos Santos / Olaf Boswijk / Optimo / Patrice Bäumel / Sandrien / San Proper / Serge / Seth Troxler / Soul Clap / Tale of Us / Tom Trago / William Kouam Djoko