Trouw X Moleskine


Trouw X Moleskine

20-12-2012 | 12.30

Van Gogh, Picasso, Hemingway, you. We've all used Moleskine books, haven't we? Doodles & drawings, blurbs & poems, ideas & plans, the black notebook has become an unmissable part of our lives.
Here at Trouw, we've filled lots and lots of Moleskines over the years. Inside those books is where events like Ontrouw, Trouwens and Night Bazaar were initially sketched out. It's where we've underlined the first names for Amsterdam Dance Event and where we list our must-have artists for Trouw op Zondag. Books full of memories and plans, stacked up in our archive.

Trouw likes to be inspired by the people that visit the place. Now, we'd also like to be a part of your inspiration when you're drawing your next masterpiece or starting your new novel. That's why we thought it's time for our very own TROUW x MOLESKINE books.  We paired up with the nice people of Moleskine's head office in Milan and presto: boxes full of Trouwboekjes arrived on our doorstep.

If you'd like to get your hands on these limited edition beauties, come to Trouw this Friday (the 21st). They are sold at the Night Bazaar for a mere €15.
That night there's plenty of inspiration to go around. Think of GUP Gallery, Stedelijk Museum, Jippiet and artwork by Jos Kluwen and Ursula Jernberg. If you want to be able to scribble new resulting insights in your own TROUW x MOLESKINE book, then don't forget to bring cash. There won't be electronic payment possibilities.

Hope to see you there, Picasso.