Trouw Live Podcast Series

#4 - Job Jobse & DJ Tennis

Trouw Live Podcast Series

23-12-2012 | 12.13

Almost two months ago in the past, but still engraved in our minds: the Trouw op Zondag ADE special. Trouw opened her doors at 9AM and many people made their way to our venue in the early hours of Sunday. The main room opened at 3PM and Job Jobse was given the honor to warm up the crowd together with DJ Tennis.

Life and Death owner DJ Tennis and label manager Job Jobse delivered an extremely warm sound in the club on that given Sunday: Trouw op Zondag had begun! To relive this perfect closing party of ADE 2012, we made the set of DJ Tennis and Job Jobse our fourth podcast in our Trouw Live Podcast Series.

If you love this sound as much as we do, you should definitely swing by our Life and Death night on the 26th of December with Tale Of Us, Mind Against and Job Jobse!

We'll of course bring a new live podcast from Trouw to your doorstep very shortly!

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