Nuno dos Santos' vinyl at the Night Bazaar

Nuno dos Santos' vinyl at the Night Bazaar

11-12-2012 | 16.57

At the last edition of the Night Bazaar, De Hal was dominated by Olaf Boswijks and Patrice Baümels stand where they were having a massive vinyl sale. Vinyl lovers couldn't believe their eyes and literally threw themselves onto the crates filled with records from Border Community, Gabriel Ananda and Dominik Eulberg; just to name a few. There were also a lot of non-labeled house records and old disco hits. The stand was a raging success.

You should never change a winning team, but Olaf and Patrice sold all of their records on the first edition. That’s why we asked our resident Nuno dos Santos to open up a part of his collection to the public. And our Portuguese resident was all to willing to participate. We were very curious to find out which classics and little gems might be for sale on the Night Bazaar; so we gave him a call.

Hey Nuno, nice talking to you again. Can you tell us some more about your vinyl collection? What can the vinyl lovers expect on the 21st?

I’ve collected a lot of vinyl throughout the years. In the meantime, I now have a private collection of around 7000 records. Thats why it’s sometimes nice to do a kind of reorganisation with all the records I possess. I always want to grab a record from my shelves and think: Oh man, this one is awesome! So I would never sell my dearest records that hold a beautiful memory, but there are plently of records that I’ve acquired through the years that I simply don’t play anymore or can’t use. The records that I’ll be selling on the Night Bazaar, are quite diverse. For example: some dubble DFA records, old hiphop and pop records, electro, 135 bpm raw techno, deephouse, tech-house etc. I’ll also be selling a small collection of indie CD’s & DVD’s. Because I’ve been browsing through my vinyl collection for the Night Bazaar, I have rediscovered a lot of b-sides and beautiful tracks in my collection! It makes me want to play with vinyl more often; and Trouw is the perfect club to do so.

Can you give us a top 5 of the records that will be for sale on the Night Bazaar?

- 5 signed TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - After Dark, My Sweet remix 12" 
(Melon remix & Kirk Degiorgio remix on Compost with artwork from Delta.
- Gemeni - A Moment Of Insanity (Planet-E)
- Hiem - Zombie Party (Konrad Black remix) (Crosstown Rebels)
- The Juan Maclean - Tito's Way (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix) (DFA)
- Miss Kitten - Happy Violentine (LFO / Michael Mayer Remix)

You can be the proud owner of these little gems for just a couple of euro's; so make sure you get here early! We open at 16:30 and will continue up until midnight.