Nuno dos Santos gives Cari Lekebusch a call

Nuno dos Santos gives Cari Lekebusch a call

05-12-2012 | 12.11

Nuno dos Santos has invited one of his most favorite techno heroes to play at his SWTBOX night. Nuno and us are dying to hear the Swede play and so he gave him a call and talked about his expectations, plans for the future and cauliflower.

Hey Cari, how are you? As a long time fan, I'm really glad to have you on my SWTBOX night. Have you ever been to Trouw? And what do you expect from the night and how do you prepare for a gig?
Hey Nuno, how are you? Thanks! It will be a pleasure to finally visit. Trouw is a very nice and cosy venue indeed, with a personal vibe. I am expecting to be able to play some tracks that I would not usually be able to perform at AwakeFest for example. I have a few different playlist lines in mind, so the vibe of the evening will decide how the tracks line up and what way I roll down or up on. I try to keep my sets as customized as possible for each performance.

Sounds nice! Can you tell me what your studio set up is? I am really curious.
I still have some old analog gear and some modern. A mix and blend the best of both sides. For recording and editing, I like to use Cubase at the end. And I also like to use outboard and analog gear like mixers, processors and effect devices. When DJ-ing, I stick to a neat standard; the Pioneer CDJ-2000's, SD cards, Rekordbox software and Allen&Heath DJ mixer.
Any new releases coming up from yourself and your H-Productions label?
I am finishing a large batch of new tracks at the moment, after not being able to be in the studio for some time due to overseas touring. Around January, February and March will be a good time to launch them. But a remix for Hugo Paixao's "Rat Man" on Kombination research is just out now. My label H-Productions released an exellent artist album by the Advent called "Sonic Intervention" - displaying the wide range of skills that Cisco Ferreira has in the studio - on the album are also a few guests including myself, Industrialyzer, Jason Fernandes and Paris Da Black Fu. The latest release is from Tony Rohr in our "archeology" series, containing classic tracks made by Tony himself back in the 90s. It will be made available as a continuous mix set or individual tracks. And upcoming on my label is Alexi Delano with an album where each track is a collaboration with one of his international producer and DJ friends - that will truly be an amazing trip through authentic techno and house grooves.
Are there any artists or DJs you get your inspiration from? And why?
Oh yes there are so many, I could make a list so long ... all the way from when I was around 8 years old. I think it is inspiring when people manage to make a lot with very little. Out of the box moves and originality, as well as an individual unique characteristic style.
Do you like vegetables? Trouw has a vegetable restaurant where you can combine lots of great veggies. Whats your favourite vegetable?
I actually like all veggies, except for broccoli, because my belly is sadly sensitive towards that. An oldschool classic favourite is probably cauliflower, if I have to choose. I'm avoiding all red meat in general, especially processed.
What is your Top 5 Non-Dance at the moment?
Top 5 non dance music tunes? I recently heard an amazing new record by Vordul Mega (NYC Hip-Hop) that is not out yet. Can't recall the title though, it might be a project title so far only. "Killing Time" is a nice laid back tune from Ghosts of Paraguay. "An Angel walking on the Moon" by Voxel9 is awesome after the break. "Chilling" by Xam Vonigol and "2010 Deals" by Yellow Watch are also nice.

Thanks Cari, looking forward to Saturday the 8th of December and thank you for the SWTBOX podcast, sounds great!