More meat

More meat

19-12-2012 | 11.49

Bicep are two guys from Ireland, now living in London, whom you might know from their excellent blog They are continuously posting great new music and keep reminding you of tracks you almost forgot. Their taste has been good right from the start, so it’s worthwhile browsing through their archive as well. The finishing touch of their posts often is provided by the irresistible images they pick. How about some meat-chasing cowboys while listening to Frankie Knuckles? Or a Legowelt-adoring bad-ass cat

I should also tell you that Andy and Matt are not only bloggers but DJs and producers.  That you should listen to Bicep – You and Bicep – Vision of Love, their first release on their own label. That the unreleased tracks podcast for Beats in Space is also good. That their sets are filled with 90s references but include enough old school to keep you from dressing like you were five years old again. But now that you know that, let’s dig up some more posts from their blog.
Here we go: how about some shimmering geometry by Kyle Hall?

Then here is some garage ice cream and here is some disturbing garage ice cream.

And to round things off, here is some sausage and even more meat.

Bicep will play at Trouw on the 22nd of December.

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