Henrik Schwarz' melodious sweet

Henrik Schwarz' melodious sweet

09-12-2012 | 11.11

A Sunday afternoon in Trouw on the 31st of January 2010 set the stage for one of the best Trouw op Zondagen ever. A 4-hour long live set from Henrik Schwarz composed of a mix of his well-known classics and unreleased tracks made the crowd go mental. His buddy Sasse performed after Henrik back-to-back with Olaf Boswijk and played tracks such as Acid Eiffel by Laurent Garnier. The reactions were nothing but positive. The program of this Sunday will be exactly the same as two years ago. But what has changed in the musical life of Henrik Schwarz in those two years? It’s time for a little story.

It isn't be a secret to anyone that Henrik loves to improvise live. He states in several interviews that genres such as jazz, funk and soul were a major source of inspiration to him at an early age. Especiallly jazz is something of which Henrik talks about with the greatest enthusiasm; being able to just do whatever comes to mind and dont care about the ‘rules of music’. A big role model for Henrik was Jeff Mills: the way he makes completely new tracks during his performances with his analog equipment and lets loose the weirdest sounds inbetween, inspired Henrik to do the same. And so he did.

In 2011, Henrik started working with Bugge Wesseltoft, the greatest pioneer known to electronic jazz. Together they released to experimental improvisational album ‘Duo’. It was a big breath of fresh air to many. Something you listen to for the first time and instantly know: this is something I’ve never heard before! A clear cut example that classical and electronic music go hand in hand like two peas in a pod.

Good news from the production front: two new albums of Henrik Schwarz are at the brink of being released after a long time tweaking. Henrik has worked on a orchestra album for the last three years where the orchestra plays ten of own techno/house productions. No electronic sounds, no sound effects, no drum machines, only acoustic music. His second album is compiled of newly written tracks played by a live band, complemented by his characteristic synth sounds and drum sequences.

And if that's not enough, Henrik has initiated a brand new experimental live club project with Frank Wiedemann of Âme: Schwarzmann. Think of it as a jam session where Henrik and Frank mainly improsive and create new tracks in real time. Every performance completely different than the last one. After doing this show for the first time in Berghain and Stattbad in Berlin, they also might take this new collab abroad. Plenty to look forward to.

But before we can taste these musical sweets, we’re going to enjoy the same recipe this Sunday that tasted o so sweet two years ago. Henrik together with his buddies Sasse and Olaf Boswijk all night long.

Pre-sale for this night completely sold out. We will have a couple hundred tickets at the door. Doors open at 18.00, so make sure you get here early.