Adopt a plant at the Night Bazaar

Adopt a plant at the Night Bazaar

05-12-2012 | 10.15

Are you sick and tired of your old living room plant or just haven't been able to find anyone to water your plants during the winter holidays? At the Night Bazaar on December the 21th we got Design Mooi to put up an actual plant shelter. So you can adopt a plant or trade one with a plant from home.

Design Mooi (DM) is an initiative of Sam Dirksz and Rena Noordermeer. DM stands for beautiful and durable design. In their webshop, you’ll find attractive, original and green products of which we think that everyone should see them. We were curious about the creative couple and gave them a call this week.
Hi Rena! How great of you to participate to the Night Bazaar! We're huge fans. How did you start this company?
I’ve been following inspiring blogs because of my background in graphic design and a interest for interior design. I bumped into a lot of great products, but they weren’t available for sale over here. An own store with remarkable stuff has been a dream for me for a long time because it’s quite exciting to chase your dreams instead of calling just it quits when you stick to your ‘when I grow up’ speech. With a little push in the right direction and a lot of help from Sam, I finally made the decision to open up the webstore And what started as a webstore, has now grown to a ‘real’ store in one of the cutest places in downtown Amsterdam.
So blogs make up a big part of your inspiration. Do you get also your inspiration from more physical and day-to-day things?
At the moment, it’s the little heart-warming things. A dog wagging his tail, the smell of a fireplace, a big bowl of soup, the winter sun…
I also really enjoy touching and feeling the products. Supple leather, the soft texture of a fabric, wood, crude paper etc. I always have to have a feel.
How did you come up with the idea for 'Adopt - A - Plant'?
I’m not exaggerating when I’m telling you that we own more than 50 plants. A plant does so much for a space! It brings with it so much atmosphere and purifies the air. Unfortunately, plants are a bit underestimated and often malnourished. A truly sad thing. A plant should be seen as something like a pet. That’s how the Adopt-A-Plant project came into fruition. You can think of it as a shelter for plants. We give our adoption plants a name and a personality. Plants can be adopted for a small sum and can also be exchanged for another one (smaller, prettier, more convenient). We write down the information of the new adoption parents and make a picture so we can gather this information in a little booklet. The purpose is to link a website to the project where people can post a status update concerning their plant.
Does it ever happen that you get emotionally attached to a plant?
Of course! But I’m truly happy when adoption plants get a new owner.
I do get quite upset when one of my plants at home gets sick and dies.
Sam and I always put in a lot of effort to save the plant, but unfortunately we are sometimes too late.

Do you have a favorite plant?
I love plants with beautiful green leaves.

What are you going to exactly do at the Night Bazaar?
An adoption corner with plants that are just dying to get adopted and a small selection of our products. It will be a joyous selection with the focus on the upcoming holidays!

We’re super excited about the Night Bazaar and about the fact that we’re getting a chance to introduce ourselves to a loving public in a creative manner.
We hope that people will take a plant with them to put up for adoption or the trade for another plant.