A visual delight at Tweeduizendtrouw

A visual delight at Tweeduizendtrouw

13-12-2012 | 17.03

Nicolas Jaar was voted to best Live Act of the Year for a second time in a row by Resident Advisor. Undoubtedly one of his best performances of this year was at Le Trianon with his friend Dave Harrington as the live act Darkside. Christopher Gabriel and Arnout Hulskamp did the spectacular and acclaimed visual art for this mindblowing performance in Paris. So we asked the extremely creative gentlemen to come up with a special artwork for our New Years Eve party Tweeduizendtrouw.

Christopher, known for his work for IChiOne and Audio Culture and Arnout for his VJ residency at Trouw and InnerAct (Canto Ostinato audiovisual) performances, decided to start working together on projects where decor, light, reflections, animation and video mapping intermingle. What about Tweeduizendtrouw? Well, what we can tell for now, is that Christopher and Arnout are working on an enormous installation with no less then 160 mirror balls! Hereby, they will definitely create some very special celebrative light fireworks at Tweeduizendtrouw.

Just to give you an impression of how good they actually are in their field, here are just some on the reactions on the piece they did in Paris for Darkside:

"It feels like I'm inbetween the mise en scène à la Olafur Eliasson and the passages of "Riders on the Storm"…"
"Here we are and it's just amazing"
"Yes, yes, yes!"
"So, so stylish…."
"Finally a wormhole appears to take me away from this forsaken place."
"Darkside is never completely dark, the scenography and live play on shades of gray and white  take us somewhere into outer space... After an hour and a half on the dark side, it's hard to get back into real life. It is even really Sunday night?"

Curious? If you wanna see this impressive piece of light art for yourself, come on over and celebrate New Years Eve at Tweeduizendtrouw. It will be nothing short of extraordinary.