the presale has started!


23-11-2012 | 16.32

When Patrice Baumel was recently asked about his favorite party, he replied: "Trouwens at Trouw, where all the dj’s and night moths come together to celebrate the new year. It feels really intimate and positive."

Now that’s the god’s honest truth! In the past four years, Trouwens has evolved into a day and night to which many Amsterdam dj's and visitors look forward to. And not just because it’s held the day after New Year’s Eve. But because it has continued to maintain its status of being one of the most cosy and memorable parties of the year.

We’re pulling out all the stops this New Year’s Day to improve that well-known homey Trouwens atmosphere: sofa’s throughout the club, racks filled with second-hand clothing, indoor plants on stage, little rugs and nice bouquets in our restaurant. And the New Year’s Dive is also making a freezing comeback!

The line-up consists primarily of familiar faces: Trouw-residents and regulars for whom Trouwens would vouch for any day, complemented by a couple of national and international names of stature. Artists that know how to move the crowd, but also excite them with nice quadruple beat levels.

The pre-sale for Trouwens has already started and goes fast! The party starts at 9am and will go on until 3am the next morning! Definitely a day to remember.