Studio Barnhus

A fictional biography

Studio Barnhus

26-11-2012 | 09.18

Axel, Petter & Kornél grew up in an orphanage in the outskirts of Stockholm, next to a dark forest. Every morning the nuns woke up the boys for prayer and sent them to school. There the day passed quickly and in the late afternoons they pretended to do their homework or played in the garden. The three friends never worried much and surely they did not mind growing up in an orphanage. The nuns were nice but somewhat dumb and so the boys could do whatever they wished. They never once missed living in a real family, because after all, they had each other. 

In the weekend, the three friends did not have to go to school. After morning prayer, they usually went upstairs to do their homework and climbed out the window into the garden. One day, on a warm Saturday in June, they once again decided to explore the nearby Dysterhet forest. They had done so many times before and knew many parts of the forest by heart. On this particular day however, the forest seemed different. The three friends were walking down the main path when they noticed the forest had become much darker. Everything suddenly felt strange. The boys got scared. But of course none of them wanted to say so, and so they went, further into the forest. After some moments they discovered a smaller path they had never seen before. Their curiosity made their fear disappear and suddenly they found themselves walking down this new path. Soon their pace quickened, without turning around they were running further into the unknown. 

After a short while that felt like forever, they finally stopped to catch their breath. Looking around them, they realized the trees were moving in new ways. Flashes of light came out of nowhere and, most intriguingly, endless sounds were weaving themselves around their minds. The three friends were fascinated. Never had they heard anything sounding so strange and so familiar at the same time. Never had they felt so at home. It was immediately clear to them that they would never leave this world they had discovered. They would explore it, contribute to it and live life according to its few rules. However, far from naïve, the three friends understood that they had only discovered their true destination thanks to their roots, the orphanage. And so they decided to take on a name that would forever remind them of where they came from: Studio Barnhus.

Studio Barnhus are playing in Trouw on the 30th of November.

Text: Arif Malawi