One big mix of art, fashion, food and music

The Night Bazaar is back!

One big mix of art, fashion, food and music

06-11-2012 | 11.40

November is bringing back those icy chills and the winter holidays dont’t seem that far away anymore. Whether you're gonna go skiing during the upcoming holidays or just stay at home and watch a couple of movies, a pair of warm socks, a beautiful scarf and a nice little breakfast in your cabinets always come in handy. You can get all these items and more at the Night Bazaar on the 21th of December!

After a extremely successfull edition of over 2.500 visitors, we're gonna repeat the same night. The 21th of December we'll open De Verdieping and De Hal in order to bring you a new stream of unique, personal and remarkable products, brands and organisations on one single evening. We want to introduce as many people as possible to the arts, fashion, food and activities we love. Because there's nothing better than to share the things that you love with others. 

From 16.30 (because that's when to sun goes down on the 21th of December) you can get a haircut, drink cocktails, shop 'till you drop, watch movies, buy photobooks, play tabletennis, get a massage, do all of you Christmas shopping in one go and to put the cherry on top of the cake that is the Night Bazaar: we're hosting yet another toilet rave! Those who visited our first edition, can without a doubt still remember the amazing vibe of that evening! Furthermore, Joris Voorn and Kölsch will be performing upstairs. Big names for a big event.

In short: the Night Bazaar has it all, so come over on Friday the 21st of December and discover every amazing little corner.

The entrance for the Night Bazaar is of course completely free from 16.30 up to 22.00. After 23.00 you'll pay the normal door prize for our club night.