Hercules & Love Affair

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Hercules & Love Affair

07-11-2012 | 11.14

22th October 2010: Day 3 of ADE kicks off rockin' with the New York sound of Hercules & Love Affair. The crowd is stunned by the androgynous appearances of this energetic band that delivers a truly funky and excellent set. Words that accurately describe Hercules & Love Affair are: daring, gender, old school, innovative and extravagant. This makes Hercules & Love Affair just simply one of the most extraordinary projects in today's music scene.

Founder, frontman, songwriter and producer Andy Butler is in fact the brain and the vision behind the band; he decides what the band will do. But the amazing thing is that he loves to work with a many musicians and produces as possible to get that queer disco sound and feel. This led to the breakthrough hit Blind, recorded with Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons), from the debut album that was named the ‘Breakthrough Album of 2008’ by the New York Times.

The second Hercules & Love Affair-cd Blue Songs was released on the Moshi Moshi label and just enlarged the ‘future retro disco’ sound. Butler proved that he could make house that’s fluent in the language of disco: sexual yearning and ecstasy extrapolated from the tradition of gospel release. Andy Butler is a true connoisseur, who loves nothing more than to make people dance and explain why and what they’re dancing to. That’s why H&LA recently released their own DJ-Kicks mix album, on which Butler tries to expose the history of dance music. Butler mixes proto-house from the late 80’s, early 90’s with contemporary beats on this mixalbum. Mesmerizing stuff.

Hercules & Love Affair are going to blow the lid off Trouw again on the 23th of November. To celebrate this occasion, we’re giving away 3x the DJ-Kicks mixalbum by Hercules & Love Affair. Plus, we’ll also going to throw in 3x2 guest list spots. Because you’re gonna wanna see Hercules & Love Affair perform after hearing their Kicks mix!

Winning is as easy as pie with a cherry on top: send us a e-mail before Friday the 16th to, containing the answer to this question: Which label released the first album of Hercules & Love Affair?