Trouw on Sunday's fourth birthday at ADE

Trouw on Sunday's fourth birthday at ADE

21-10-2012 | 11.36

Sunday October 25th 2009: A dark basement, 200 people, Marcel Dettmann is celebrating his birthday from behind the decks, Seth Troxler makes a surprise appearance and goes back-to-back with Patrice Bäumel plus the party lasts three more hours than planned. The final party of the first ADE in Trouw is also the birth of a new club night called 'Trouw on Sunday'.

Trouw celebrated a five day lasting Amsterdam Dance Event twelve months later. The ADE with the very first Trouw Trailerpark Wedding. Two ladies from Amsterdam won a complete ADE in Trouw with a three day stay in a cosy decorated caravan in front of our building.
But ADE’s Trouw op Zondag will mainly be held inside the club. From as early as 9AM until 3AM in the night. When the doors open, parts of our staff and personnel will still be working or partying from the night before. And gradually, it’s getting more crowded. Dennis Ferrer swings by as the mystery guest and Cassy follows in the footsteps of Seth Troxler. She accompanies Melon quite unexpectedly behind the turntables where they create a mesmerizing back-to-back set. It is Dixon at this time who has the honour of closing the second ADE in Trouw.

Our third anniversairy of Trouw op Zondag was celebrated almost a year ago.

Three ADE closing acts that raise the question of how ADE in Trouw will be closed off in 2012. Because we feel it is never a smart idea to change a winning team, the concept remains the same. A whole day of partying in all areas of Trouw with a line-up filled with residents. Behind our turntables this edition: Tale of Us, DJ Tennis, Mano Le Tough, Job Jobse, Prins Thomas, Cassy, Melon en Olaf Boswijk.

Presale tickets for Trouw op Zondag on the 21st of October are all sold out. There will be a couple tickets available on the day itself. So set your alarm clock!