The EX Project

by Patrice Bäumel

The EX Project

02-10-2012 | 16.59

We always get so excited when we feel that a strong, fresh initiative is bursting through in the immense world of music. We’re talking about the new and innovative project by our very own Patrice Bäumel: The EX-Project.

Patrice Bäumel has founded his own personal record label quite recently and showcased his new audiovisual liveshow to the outside world in De Verdieping. His new label and audiovisual liveshow are both named EX.

The EX-Project can be seen as a statement against overhyped music in today’s culture. The Project is all about artistic freedom. Patrice wants to be able to share his music with everyone and EX serves a big ‘NO’ sign to cheesy superstar dj quotes to hype sales.

Patrice will release strictly his own material on EX. The first release has just come out and is called ‘The Woods’, a track that is part of his new audiovisual liveshow. Every release is available as a high quality free download. Now ain’t that sweet? So don’t hold your horses and download ‘The Woods’ now.

Wanna know more about this amazing project? Check out his website for more information: