Sandrien talks Imprint

Sandrien talks Imprint

17-10-2012 | 11.07

No need to start off your ADE calmly. Sandrien will play Trouw's Verdieping on Wednesday and she invited Ben Klock for the occasion. Luc and I talked to Sandrien about Imprint, Berghain and ADE. Sandrien still remembers biking home from university some years ago and passing by Felix Meritis, the ADE headquarters: 
'I was excited to see the big DJs hanging out there. Even Tiesto was there, although that didn't really get me excited.. (laughs). Back then ADE was more about professionals meeting each other. That has changed, now everyone is much more connected. There were lots of instores as well. I was working in a record store, we had DJs playing in the store and it was always crowded. Today ADE has got more club nights, throughout the whole city. It got a lot bigger.'
The first time Sandrien was booked for ADE she played at a last-minute location, now she is hosting her own night at Trouw:
'We had planned to invite Ben Klock to Imprint earlier but then we decided to move it to ADE. What I like about Ben Klock is that he doesn't just play one style. He combines everything from dark techno to old school chicago in his sets. It's not only straight tracks but there is always a groove.'
Since 2005, Sandrien goes dancing in the Berghain where Ben Klock is a resident. Playing there herself in 2011 was a dream come true:
'The soundsystem is incredible, you are playing at 107 db. It feels like you have to tame a huge machine. And you know that people are coming for the music. When I prepared for my set, going through records at home, I imagined how each track would sound there. I just really like the atmosphere. Whenever I am in Berlin I make sure I go. But Amsterdam has a great vibe too. When I walk through Trouw during Imprint I am always amazed, it really can be magical.'
Imprint during ADE is sold out, we hope you have a ticket! In case you were too late this time.. remember the fourth of November!

Text: Arif Malawi

Pictures: © Julia de Boer //