ADE day 5: (almost) live from Trouw

ADE day 5: (almost) live from Trouw

25-10-2012 | 15.36

The yellow flags are gone, DJs and visitors from abroad are sleeping in their own beds again: ADE 2012 has come to an end, even for Trouw. Club managers Daan Steures and Twan Harmsen are looking back on a successful edition.

Daan still feels the afterglow of Trouw on Sunday, the last ADE-day/night. “You could call it one big seamless flow, from 9 am until 3 am the next day. Job Jobse and DJ Tennis produced a superset at 3 pm, perfect for that particular moment. The crowd responded in a wonderful mellow way. I watched the whole thing and thought to myself: ‘this is awesome and we’ve still got twelve hours to go!’” To Daan the transition from Saturday night to Sunday morning was really something special. “We even organised a breakfast near the entrance. Visitors, many of them deprived of their sleep, and DJs like DVS1 were seen sitting beside each other. I heard people say that they had never experienced a night like this before. Trouw on Sunday was one of my personal ADE 2012 highlights.”
All this spontaneous fun was possible thanks to a tight organisation, unnoticeable for most of the guests. “I’m proud of the fact that there were no long queues at the front door, even though our events were practically sold out every night. Logistically it all went very smooth.”
Daan remembers the crowd being more mixed than usual. “Colors on Thursday attracted a younger crowd, while DJ Harvey versus Andrew Weatherall on Saturday drew older dance adepts. A lot of people were newcomers who had never been to Trouw before. I understand they were really impressed by the atmosphere, among them many foreign visitors.”
A photographer complained, once inside, about the missing ADE-signing. “I told him that we never involve any signing whatsoever in the interior of the club. At the end of the night, he came up to me saying he hadn’t missed the ADE stuff in order to capture that particular ADE atmosphere. The vibe in the club had said it all. That quote illustrates my ideas about the festival and Trouw. ADE does not need to take us over. We amplify the festival, purely by being TrouwAmsterdam.” 

No left overs
To club manager Twan Harmsen, DJ Harvey versus Andrew Weatherall formed a musical highlight. “I saw people turn quiet and start looking at each other. There was a great togetherness, quite remarkable.” When asked about the total number of ADE-guests, Twan calculates a number of 6.400 people. Trouw was well prepared for their arrival. “Our program was rock-solid in August and the presale went smoothly. This enabled us to start preparations at an early stage. Apart from the club visitors we had many special guests over in our restaurant. DJs like Richie Hawtin and other big names from the music industry. Both our employees at the bar and the restaurant worked their butts off to make everybody happy.”
Looking at the supplies, one thing becomes very clear: Trouw ran out of almost everything. “We sold a total of 4.536 bottles of water. On Sunday alone we sold 250 sausage rolls, 450 croissants, 100 chocobuns, 125 bananas and 40 kilos of fries. Dancing does make you hungry!”
Twan predicts ADE 2013 is going to be an even better edition. “We’ve shown the world how professionally we work and how well organised we are. We have a growing number of fans all over the world who would love to return to Trouw.”

How much people actually like Trouw is illustrated by an e-mail, sent to Trouw by the Berlin based label Ostgut Ton the day after ADE. “Liebe, liebe Leute. Trouw has been nicknamed the Bermuda Triangle these past few days. Half of our group missed their flights!” We’ll take that as a compliment.

Text: Bonita van Lier