ADE day 4: live from Trouw

In/out of the queue

ADE day 4: live from Trouw

21-10-2012 | 15.12

Harvey, Weatherall, Developer, DVS1 and Xhin… it’s another impressive line-up tonight at Trouw. Outside, the queue is getting longer and longer. We’re hearing the sounds of English, German, French and the southern Dutch accent with the typical soft ‘g’.  

A group of five men is speeding towards the front door. ‘No comment’ is their first reaction when asked for their opinion on tonight’s program. Sounds like we’re dealing with real celebs. Should we know them? “Haha!” Nick, currently living on Ibiza, admits they’re just being a bit obstinate. “Every year we fly in especially for ADE on Saturday at Trouw. Really looking forward to Weatherall.” His friend Max explains why he’s not keen on giving any comments. “I work for Resident Advisor. Don’t want to sound biased.”
Chris from Amsterdam is standing here for two good reasons: Developer and Xhin. “But I’m sure that DJ Harvey versus Andrew Weatherall is going to be fantastic too.” 
Right behind him in the queue are Boris and Felix, all the way from Hannover, Germany. They came to Amsterdam for ADE and it’s not their first night. On Thursday they attended the Non Records’ Label Night at Paradiso. Trouw’s program for tonight was recommended to them by a couple of friends. “We’re here to see Xhin. Never been to Trouw before. We’re used to Robert Johnson’s sound system in Frankfurt. Let’s see if your sound is just as good.”
Lowen and Abel from Utrecht were at Undercurrent last Friday, to attend ‘Chris Liebing presents CLR’. They need only two words to describe their expectations for tonight: “Cracking! Cracking!”    
Looks like this is going to be a guys’ party. Where are the dolls? We’re spotting two of them standing a bit hidden. Ellen and Monique are from Breda in the south of Holland. “We’re deep house and disco adepts, so we guess Weatherall is our kind of man. And yes, we plan to stay till the very end. A special diet of Red Bull and bananas will surely help us make it through the night, haha.”
And hey, in front of the cloak room we bump into another girl. It’s Liza from Paris and she has to admit she is a ‘virgin’: first time in Amsterdam, first ADE, first time at Trouw. “Friends strongly recommended this night to us. We’re here with a whole group from France. Glad to be in!”
The Exploding Piano
Now that we’re in, we follow a couple of visitors into the space where The Exploding Piano can be seen, an installation by Trial and Error Visual Performances and Stage Design. Trouw resident DJ Patrice Bäumel took care of the soundscape.
Sjoerd Dijkhorst, one of the members of the collective behind the Exploding Piano, is happy with the response. “It’s a nice surprise for most people. A kind of well kept secret, hidden deep down in Trouw’s basement. We even showed Ritchie Hawtin around during his visit to the club a couple of days ago.”
Tonight Sjoerd is going to dive into some other music as well. “For me DVS1 is the highlight of the evening. Pure bliss!”
Text: Bonita van Lier